U.S. Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Wants To Adopt Stray Sochi Puppies (Photos)


The packs of stray dogs roaming the streets of Sochi became a big storyline ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and American freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is hoping to give at least a few of them a new home.

Kenworthy won a silver medal in the men’s slopestyle this week, but instead of celebrating by twerking or hitting up Tinder, the 22-year-old is spending his final few days in the Olympic Village trying to adopt a family of stray puppies.

Kenworthy saw a mother and a newly born litter of puppies on the street near the Olympic grounds earlier in the week and has been working with the Russian government to bring the furry family back home with him to the United States. He’s already arranged four kennels for the puppies and even set up vaccination appointments for them back in the U.S.

Check out photos of Kenworthy with the adorable little guys below.

CBS News also did a report on Kenworthy’s efforts. Check it out below.

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