Every player in the NHL can now officially be jealous of an 8-year-old hockey player’s accomplishment.

Brayden MacIntosh of Hanover, Ont., pulled off an unreal feat in a championship game this week, scoring three goals in just 10 seconds. The youngster’s quick, consecutive tallies were even too fast to be seen for some of those watching, as his own coach admitted to missing two of MacIntosh’s goals.

“There were only a few minutes left, I thought we had the game under control so I was talking to one of the kids and all of a sudden the crowd started screaming again. So I missed the third goal too,” coach Mark Dosman told CTV, via Puck Daddy.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Bill Mosienko set the NHL record for the fastest hat trick in league history in 1952, dropping three goals in 21 seconds against the New York Rangers. But 62 years later, an 8-year-old is making that timeframe look sluggish.

Check out the kid NHL teams will be drooling over in a few years netting his hat trick in the videos below.