Sports categories aren’t common on the famous game show “Jeopardy!” but when they do appear, it often leads to some funny and embarrassing moments.

Earlier this week, we saw a contestant give a hilariously bad answer to an easy NHL question on the show. We had a similar situation on a recent episode, but this time, a whole category stumped the contestants.

The category was “college football coaches,” and with a couple of clues in each question, the three contestants had to come up with the school at which these men coached. These questions proved to be quite difficult.

We shouldn’t have been too surprised that these contestants struggled to come up with the answers (except Amy, who answered two correct). After all, none of them wanted to begin this category until it was the only one left and they had to give it a shot.

Check it out in the video below.

Photo of the Night

Spoiler alert: Union scored on this 4-on-1!

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Tweet of the Night

Watch out, Randy!

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Video of the Night

This lack of defense is why Ottawa will be watching the playoffs from home. Marian Hossa is also pretty good.