Things got pretty awkward on CBS during a March Madness interview Sunday when host Greg Gumbel called his interview subject by the wrong name.

Gumbel was interviewing Dayton basketball coach Archie Miller about the Flyers’ run to the Sweet 16, and things got dicey when Gumbel tried to bring up the fact that Miller’s brother, Sean, also was trying to take his team, the Arizona Wildcats, to the next round.

Gumbel first called Archie “Sean,” then tried to correct himself by saying “your brother, Archie.” Then Gumbel just yelled “Sean!” to try to save his misstep. Miller looked just as confused as the viewers probably were and thought maybe he’d lost his audio feed. CBS quickly cut away from the interview to the studio and then went to a commercial.

Check out the awkwardness in the video below.