It’s been confirmed: Kevin Connolly wouldn’t last two seconds in an NFL game.

Not that the 5-foot-7 actor stood much of a chance before, but Connolly proved that when he broke his leg in two places while throwing passes with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson on the set of the “Entourage” movie last Wednesday. According to director Doug Ellin, the injury occurred during filming, and to Connolly’s credit, he managed to haul in the pass.

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Wilson went one step further, posting on his Instagram page that Connolly ran a “perfect post route” before going down and added that Wes Welker “better watch out” when the actor gets healthy.

Wilson joins Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and a hoard of other professional athletes who will make cameos in the movie slated for a June 12, 2015 release. Connolly’s injury isn’t expected to slow down production, according to

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