Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Matt Moore showed some toughness against the Boston Red Sox on Sunday.

Moore nearly became the latest victim of a dangerous week for pitchers, as Xander Bogaerts drilled a comebacker that struck the Rays left-hander in the face. The ball hit Moore in the mouth area, but it appeared the pitcher minimized the impact by deflecting the ball with his glove.

Amazingly, Moore — who was knocked over by the line drive — sprung up, raced over, grabbed the ball and flipped to first base to record the final out of the fourth inning. Moore then was greeted by the Tampa Bay training staff as he walked off the field, at which point blood could be seen coming from his mouth.

Moore left the game after four innings of work and headed back to the Rays’ clubhouse. The young southpaw appears to have dodged a bullet, though, as it was just a few days ago that Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman had a metal plate put into his forehead after being struck by a line drive.

Check out Moore’s scary incident below.

Matt Moore