Nick Young has been the lone bright spot this season for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, who are having one of their worst years in recent memory. Nicknamed “Swaggy P,” Young is averaging 17.0 points per game for the beleaguered Lakers.

Unfortunately for Young, some bad luck finally came his way Sunday night, when he returned to his house and saw it had been burglarized.

The burglar(s) made off with close to $100,000 worth of goods and presumably planned the heist for a game night, knowing Young wouldn’t be home.

“I walked in and saw drawers open, clothes all over the floor. I know I didn’t leave my place like that,” Young told the Los Angeles Times. “Then I looked at the window, and it was broken. Glass all over the floor. That’s when I knew someone had gotten in there.”

The Lakers had managed to snap a four-game losing streak with a 103-94 victory over the Orlando Magic on Sunday night, and Young managed to remain optimistic despite the break-in. Check out his humorous take on the situation in the tweet below.

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