Patriots’ Proposal To Raise Goal-Post Height Approved By NFL Owners

Bill BelichickJust one of the New England Patriots’ four rule proposals to be discussed at the NFL Annual Meeting passed Wednesday in Orlando, Fla.

NFL owners approved the Patriots’ proposal to extend goal-post height by five feet. The taller goal posts will leave less doubt on field goals kicked high and to the far left and right of the uprights. The change extends goal-post height to 35 feet.

The Patriots’ proposal to add more cameras for instant replay was tabled until May. Their proposal to move extra-point attempts back to the 25-yard line and to allow coaches to challenge any call on the field were voted down. The NFL will experiment with attempting extra points from the 20-yard line during the first two weeks of the preseason.

NFL owners approved the proposals to allow coaches to challenge the recovery of a loose football and to keep the game clock running after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes remaining in the game. The proposal to kick off from the 40-yard line was not approved. The proposals to abolish preseason overtime and to expand rosters for Thursday night games were tabled until May.

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