Terrell Owens, Tony Hawk Ride Hoverboard In Ad (Video)


“Back to the Future” trilogy fans will remember that the “future” in the movies was the year 2015. Well, 2015 is next year, which means that flying cars and hoverboards should be standard by then. While flying cars might not be just around the corner, hoverboards could be.

A company called HUVr released a video claiming to have developed technology to power hoverboards. The company recently released a video that features Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in the movies, and a number of other celebrities including Terrell Owens and Tony Hawk. Lloyd introduced the hoverboard to the group, and each person got a chance to try it out.

“The feeling is indescribable,” Owens said after the experience. “I felt like I was out of this world for a second, and I looked down and my feet are off the ground. And I’m like ‘this is really happening.'”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is quoted as an investor on HUVr’s website, but there is still reason to pause about the reality of what the company is pedaling. Specific language in the company’s legal terms section states, “The inclusion of any products or services on this website at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products or services will be available at any time.”

Also, BuzzFeed points out that the viral video is the product of Funny or Die, a comedy video website.

Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes are actually happening in 2015, though.

Check out a video of the hoverboard technology below.

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