Dave McGillivrayBoston Athletic Association race director Dave McGillivray ran his 42nd Boston Marathon on Monday for Team MR8 to benefit the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, but he started a few hours after all the other runners had finished.

McGillivray began running the course at 7 p.m. after a long day of supervising marathon procedures. He was accompanied by fellow members of the B.A.A. and Team MR8.

“The 2014 Boston Marathon was one for the ages — it was simply epic,” McGillivray told the Wolfe News Wire. “When we ran the course, it was dark and quiet — unlike earlier when I went through the course on the scooter the first time when there was about a million-plus spectators, there were only about 10 spectators along the entire course the second time through.”

The 59-year-old president of DMSE Sports is no stranger to running for charity, as he championed an 80-day cross country run that raised $150,000 for the Jimmy Fund in 1978. He has run more than 150,000 miles for charity, including 131 marathons.

“It may seem a little over the top to do these long runs year after year, especially at my advancing age, but it’s a tradition and I’m still excited about the challenge as I was 40 years ago,” McGillivray said.

McGillivray was diagnosed with coronary heart disease last fall and has since dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle. In October, he plans to participate in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii for the first time in 25 years.

“Although I was tired when I started, it (the Boston Marathon) ended up being one of the easiest runs I’ve had in years,” McGillivray said. “Now I’ll start training for the Ironman.”

Photo via Twitter/@JuliaPolloreno