University of Kentucky fan Tyler Austin Black got a tattoo that promised his Wildcats would win this year’s NCAA men’s basketball title. Now his extreme act of devotion is paying off.

After being interviewed by CBS last week, Black was informed by the network that he had scored free tickets to Monday’s national championship game between the Wildcats and the University of Connecticut Huskies.

Black has attended only one Kentucky game in person.

“The only seats I could afford are the nosebleeds, and if I gotta have bad seats, I’d rather just watch at home,” Black told USA Today.

The committed Wildcats fan got the tattoo last month when his team was unranked and projected as a No. 7 seed, but he was confident the highly touted Kentucky squad would live up to its preseason hype.

“I’ve always had confidence in them, but I ain’t gonna lie, they’ve had me worried here lately,” Black said. “And seeing us win the type of games we’ve been winning, every one of them nail-biters, it almost feels like it’s destiny for us to win a championship.”

Check out Black’s Kentucky-inspired ink below.

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