Tatman Ryan RobertsFormer Tampa Bay Rays infielder Ryan Roberts has joined the Boston Red Sox, which means the team’s tattoo count just skyrocketed.

Roberts reportedly has more tattoos than any other player in major league baseball, causing him to bear the nickname “Tatman.” The 33-year-old ink enthusiast is covered with so many tattoos from head to toe that he has lost track.

“In the tattoo world, they don’t really count so much, once you have sleeves,” Roberts told Yahoo’s Big League Stew last year. “It’s more or less just hours spent. Hours that I’ve sat have turned into years, probably.”

Roberts’ tattoos represent his Christian beliefs, family and his experiences playing baseball. He claims that any team he plays for must accept his body art as part of the package.

“I probably won’t ever play for the Yankees,” Roberts told Rebel Ink Magazine. “You don’t see any tattoos on the Yankees. They don’t even have facial hair.”

Photo via Twitter/@LouMerloni