Interactive Map Shows Border Between Red Sox, Yankees Fans (Photo)


If you’re a Boston Red Sox fan living in New England, you’re likely familiar with the fact that allegiances switch to the New York Yankees “somewhere in Connecticut.”

Now we know exactly where that “somewhere” is.

An interactive map created by The New York Times breaks down MLB fandom by each zip code in the United States, judging by the number of Facebook “likes” each MLB team receives.

The entire map is worth checking out, as it shows some interesting geographical allegiances as well as pockets of Red Sox fandom in such remote areas as Alaska, Utah and Idaho, to name a few.

Most importantly, though, the map allows us to see the famed line of demarcation between Red Sox and Yankees fans in Connecticut.

Red Sox Yankees

While the state is more or less split in two, the dividing line takes a rather interesting route. Yankees fans apparently have carved out most of the Greater Hartford area, but Red Sox fandom in the northern part of the state extends almost all the way to the New York line.

It should be noted that the race between Sox and Yankees fans is very close in nearly every zip code, as indicated by a lighter shade of red or gray on the map.

Still, this map offers a great way to know what you’re getting into when you travel to that friend’s house somewhere in Connecticut.

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