Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes literally wore his pride on his sleeve Tuesday during the World Series champions’ visit to the White House.

Every Red Sox player received a vibrant, stars-and-stripes sport coat as a gift last week, but Gomes was the only one to wear his during the trip to meet President Barack Obama.

“I’m a pretty patriotic person, whether it’s my outfit or what I stand for,” Gomes said after Obama’s address, via the Boston Herald. “I didn’t want it to be too much of a distraction. I hope it’s not. Just truly blessed for my freedom and everything that the flag stands for.”

Gomes said Obama “approved” of the fashion choice, and the Red Sox presented the Commander in Chief with his own American flag jacket that had been autographed by the team.

“I don’t think he’s necessarily going to wear that jacket as Jonny might,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said, “but still it was a good time.”