Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks that surfaced on Sunday made reference to prominent African-American sports figures Magic Johnson and Matt Kemp.

While Johnson made his voice heard on Twitter shortly after hearing Sterling’s comments, Kemp used Sunday’s game to make his own unique statement.

In the first inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers game against the Colorado Rockies, Kemp came to the plate to the tune of Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit single “Black or White.”

Kemp’s name surfaced in the conversation when Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano, referenced the fact that she had taken a picture with the Dodgers outfielder and thought it would be “OK” with Sterling because of the lighter color of Kemp’s skin.

According to USA Today, Kemp got the idea for the change in the Dodgers’ clubhouse before the game. Several of his teammates, aware of Sterling’s comments, were lightheartedly teasing Kemp about the “mixed” color of his skin when “Black or White” came on over the speaker system.

“Hey, I should walk out to this, huh?” Kemp told his teammates, and the rest is history.