Miami Marlins Fan Has Wallet Returned With Surprise Inside (Photo)


When you lose your wallet at a large sporting event, chances are that it’s gone forever. One lucky Miami Marlins fan who lost his wallet not only had it returned, but also wound up with more money than he started with.

Miami high school student Cristhian Reyes went to the Marlins’ game against the Colorado Rockies on Opening Day and had already left his seat before he noticed his wallet was missing. He told Miami’s WSVN that he went back to his section, row and seat and searched to no avail.

“I was looking all over, like the seats, to see if I had just dropped it,” Reyes said. “I was paranoid because I had my school ID. It had some important stuff in there so I could contact other people, and I had money in there, obviously.”

Later that week, a man came to his school and dropped the wallet off at the office. Inside was an extra $20 and an unsigned note.

“I found this at the game last night and wanted to make sure you got it back,” the note reads. “I added $20 to it so you know the world is a great place. Do me a favor and when you get the chance, do something nice for someone else.”

The school reached out to the Marlins organization to tell them about their Good Samaritan, and Reyes plans to uphold his end of the deal.

“I just want to thank him for giving me back my wallet,” Reyes said. “Whenever I can, I’ll return that favor that they asked for.”

Check out a photo of the note below.

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