Runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon got a nice view of Boston’s iconic Prudential Building before they approached the downtown area. A group of spectators that live near the 11-mile mark of the race crafted an impressive replica of the building in their front yard as something unique for the runners to see.

“We always pick a theme,” Natick, Mass., resident Scott Russell told USA Today’s For The Win. “We don’t have a rhyme or reason for it. Somebody has an idea and we build it. Two years ago we did the Eiffel Tower.”

After last year’s tragedy at the finish line of the marathon, Russell and his crew opted to do something more specific to the city this year.

“Prudential always puts ‘Go Sox’ or ‘Boston Strong’ in the windows,” he said. “That’s a Boston icon. We just really felt it was important to do something that said Boston and stated part of where we’re from.”

Russell has lived along the marathon route for 20 years, and for the last 19 years, he’s been building a cheering platform to help encourage the runners. This year’s work took two days to build, with a crew of eight putting it together.

Check it out in the photo below.

Marathon Prudential Building

Photo via Twitter/@ForTheWin