A’s Pitcher Sean Doolittle Goes All-Out On April Fools’ Prank (Photos)


Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle might be just a reliever, but he went the distance with his April Fools’ joke Tuesday.

Amid a handful of minor pranks and shenanigans hatched by other professional athletes, Doolittle went all-out by revealing a well-crafted prank that was 15 months in the making.

Doolittle, who has sported a bushy red beard for the majority of his two seasons in the majors, tweeted a picture that showed himself completely clean-shaven, complete with a caption stating to his 25,000-plus Twitter followers that he was “Keepin it clean in 2K14.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/whatwouldDOOdo/status/451043477535485952 align=’center’]

After several hours of fans tweeting their displeasure over Doolittle’s new look, the reliever finally revealed the prank: He had taken his beardless picture 15 months ago with the intention of pulling one over on his followers this April.

Doolittle reassured his distressed followers with a picture of his full beard still intact. Talk about dedication.

[tweet https://twitter.com/whatwouldDOOdo/statuses/451084505797783552 align=’center’]

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