Dr. James Andrews Creating App To Prevent Season-Ending Arm Injuries


James AndrewsBaseball may finally have its answer to the epidemic of arm injuries that its pitchers have suffered.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who has often performed Tommy John surgery, is developing an iOS application that will look to end baseball’s nagging problem.

Although he technically makes money off pitchers’ arm injuries, Andrews has decided to work in conjunction with Dr. Kevin Wilk, a physical therapist, to prevent the injuries from ever occurring. The app, called “Throw Like a Pro,” will use both scientific data and help from the American Sports Medicine Institute to mentor pitchers and their coaches on how to properly train and pitch from a young age.

“I’m really excited,” Andrews said earlier this week. “For the first time, kids and parents everywhere will have access to the information and routines that we hope will put an end to this epidemic.”

Part of the issue, Andrews and Wilk believe, is that pitchers have been using improper mechanics to try to gain extra velocity on their pitches. To combat this problem, the app will contain videos that help show pitchers useful exercises and correct throwing motions. Also included will be a guide for pitchers on how to prepare before games, and a counter that will be able to monitor the amount of pitches that are thrown in a game or practice session.

“Hopefully this will help them to play at peak performance without injury so they can pursue their baseball aspirations in a healthy manner,” Wilk said.

The list of pitchers that have required Tommy John Surgery over the past year, which now includes Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez, has been a dark spot for the National Pastime. Baseball might not have a complete solution to the issue at hand, but with Andrews’ expertise, things appear to be headed in the right direction.

Photo via Twitter/@Sportsnaut

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