How does Johnny Weir feel about returning to NBC with Tara Lipinski to host the Kentucky Derby? In his words, “Bring on the fried green tomatoes.”

The figure skater-turned-fashion celebrity made a splash in Sochi when he and Lipinski wore creative outfits while covering the 2014 Winter Olympics. Johnny’s fans now are anticipating his return to the commentator box, and they got a glimpse of fashion delight Friday when the icy duo appeared on the “TODAY” show with Al Roker.

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That hat is otherworldly. As Weir described in his Kentucky Derby photo gallery for The Daily Beast, “My fashion must-haves for the Kentucky Derby nod to tradition, but also have bold touches that create memorable moments and celebrate the season and Southern hospitality.”

If there’s one thing Kentucky Derby viewers can count on Johnny Weir for, it’s bold touches.

In the spirit of the derby, Weir also posted a picture Friday of himself riding a horse in a fluorescent blue top.

Thumbnail Photo via Twitter/@sportingnews