Longtime friends Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather got manicures and pedicures to prepare for Mayweather’s upcoming fight.

Bieber previously has been a ring escort for the undefeated boxing champion, so it only makes sense that the bad boy pop star would accompany Mayweather in his pre-fight pampering this time around. The duo received massages and pedicures Friday in preparation for Mayweather’s fight against Marcos Maidana the next day.

While Mayweather is an 11-to-1 favorite to defeat the WBA welterweight champion, it’s also rumored that he’s highly distracted right now because of trouble in his personal life.

Check out the Instagram video — which garnered over 400,000 likes from self-proclaimed Beliebers — of the odd pair enjoying a moment of relaxation. Warning: There might be some explicit language.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@SelBiebs_Lovato