Paul Pierce Wearing Red Sox Hat ‘Clear’ Sign He Wants To Be A Celtic?


Paul PierceSometimes, logic gets stretched to some bizarre limits.

It goes something like this: Paul Pierce appeared at the Brooklyn Nets’ practice facility Thursday for exit interviews, following the team’s second-round NBA playoff loss to the Miami Heat. While there, Pierce was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat.

Big deal, right? Actually, the headwear choice apparently was a sign that Pierce wants to re-sign with the Boston Celtics. At least, that’s the take of the New York media.

“(I)t was impossible to miss the 16-year veteran was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat that seemed to send a loud and clear message: His intended audience was Boston. He wants to go back,” Johnette Howard of ESPNNewYork wrote. “And he didn’t care if the bad optics offended anyone on his last day as a Net.”

Right. Or it’s just a hat.

Pierce didn’t speak with reporters, which is a shame, because then he could have laughed off this serpentine logic. I mean, come on now. The man played in Boston for 15 years. He probably has a few Red Sox hats lying around. In all likelihood, on his way out the door of his house Thursday, he needed a hat and happened to throw on one that featured the red “B.” Sometimes, people wear clothing without any ulterior motives.

It’s likely that Pierce does end up back with the Celtics, either as a player or in a management role, at some point, but it won’t be because he wore a Red Sox hat one time to clean out his locker. If it were that easy, we would all wear Berkshire Hathaway hats every day and hope Warren Buffett got the hint.

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