Report: V. Stiviano Has Been Arrested Four Times, Used Six Aliases


v. stivianoV. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling controversy, is becoming less and less of a mystery.

According to TMZ, Stiviano is currently being investigated for allegedly extorting Sterling, but this is far from her first run-in with the law. TMZ reports she has been arrested four times and has used six different aliases since 2002.

Stiviano, who has gone by Vanessa Maria Perez, Monica Gallegos, Maria Valdez, Maria Vanessa Perez and Mariamonica Perez Gallegos before taking on the V. Stiviano identity, was first arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for petty theft in 2002. She was convicted and placed on probation, only to again be arrested for another petty theft in 2004.

In 2010, Stiviano was arrested by LAPD for possession of a controlled substance, and two years later, she was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, per TMZ.

Court papers show Stiviano legally changed her name in 2010, nine months after the drug charges, from Maria Vanessa Perez because she hadn’t “yet been fully accepted because of my race,” among other reasons.

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