Maldives Soccer Player Wipes Out During Penalty Kick, Still Scores (Video)


In a recent international matchup between The Maldives and Afghanistan in the AFC Challenge Cup, Maldives player Ashad Ali Adubarey had a chance to put his team ahead in a critical game-deciding shootout.

What happened next was both hilariously embarrassing and awesome.

As Adubarey approached the ball to take the kick, he tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his face. Yet Adubarey had yet to touch the ball, meaning that it was still live.

While the Afghanistan keeper looked on in obvious bemusement, Adubarey rose to his feet and calmly deposited the ball into the goal for the unusual goal.


After watching the hilarious flop over and over, one has to wonder if the Maldives player actually tripped on purpose to throw the goaltender for a loop.

Whatever Adubarey’s intentions were, they worked, and his team went on to win the shootout 8-7. Whether Adubarey still has his dignity is a different story.

Maldives penalty

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GIF via Twitter/@CorkGaines

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