Line changes in hockey really aren’t as easy as they look — just ask Team Finland.

Finland squared off against the Czech Republic in their final tune-up game before the IIHF World Championships later this month, but it appears they could use a few more practices if they hope to secure a gold medal. Practices that focus on doors and climbing over walls, that is.

Blackhawks prospect Teuvo Teravainen led off the hilarious sequence that resulted in three players falling flat on their faces. Teravainen tried to hop onto the bench when, much to his surprise, the door opened for him and he ended up taking a clumsy spill. Up next was former Maple Leaf Leo Komarov, who tried to step over Teravainen, but ended up tripping over his skate and falling on top of his teammate.

Tom Huhtala rounded out the clumsy chain of events. The Finnish leaguer attempted to avoid the mayhem and enter the ice safely, but he got tangled up with his teammates and ended up falling onto the ice.

On the bright side, their line changes certainly can’t get any worse before Saturday’s game against Latvia.

Check out how not to make a line change in the GIF below.

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