Carlos Gomez Foul Tip Somehow Stuck In Jose Lobaton’s Facemask (Video)


Washington Nationals catcher Jose Lobaton held on to a Carlos Gomez foul tip to record a strikeout Tuesday night.

Just not how you’d think.

In a rather bizarre turn of events in the Nationals-Milwaukee Brewers game, Gomez took a massive hack at a 2-2 offering from Washington pitcher Jordan Zimmerman and managed to get it lodged directly in Lobaton’s facemask.

Jose Lobaton

To Lobaton’s credit, he played it cool, calmly taking off his mask and showing it to the home plate umpire, who exerted some considerable effort trying to dislodge the ball.

After some confusion, Gomez finally was sent trudging back to the dugout, since, after all, Lobaton “caught” the two-strike foul tip.

Gomez had plenty of other opportunities to turn his bad luck around, as the teams took a marathon contest into the 16th inning in what became the longest game in Nationals franchise history.

Alas, the Brewers slugger finished 0-for-6 on the night, and his Brewers fell 4-2 in the 16th after Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off homer.

Poor Carlos.

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