Cubs Fail Miserably At Infield Shift Against Curtis Granderson (Video)


Teams in the MLB have been utilizing the defensive shift more and more in recent seasons.

Shifting your infielders around can fill in holes that hitters have exploited in previous at-bats. Usually, it fails when the hitter finds a way to knock a ball into the space that’s left open.

But the Chicago Cubs found a whole new way for it to fail.

The Cubs shifted against New York Mets slugger Curtis Granderson on Thursday, and it came close to working before things quickly turned for the worse. Granderson did indeed hit into the shift, but Cubs second baseman Emilio Bonifacio got tangled up with third baseman Mike Olt while fielding the ball, and the two wound up in one sad heap, and no play was made. Granderson and Mets first base coach Tom Goodwin couldn’t help but laugh.

The Cubs did get the last laugh, however, as they beat the Mets 7-4.

Check out the blooper in the video below.

[mlbvideo id=”33438731″ width=”640″ height=”358″ /]

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