Detroit Lions Fan Goes For ‘Super Bowl 2015 Champions’ Tattoo (Photos)


Remember that Seattle Seahawks fan who got a tattoo of his favorite team’s logo, along with the words “XLVIII Champs,” then the Seahawks actually won the Super Bowl? Or how about the Denver Broncos fan who did the same thing for his team but didn’t get so lucky?

Well, another fan has decided to test fate by inking his Super Bowl prediction on his leg.

Detroit Lions fan David Morian got a tattoo on his leg that proclaimed his team “Super Bowl 2015 Champions.”



The Lions finished 7-9 last season, missing the NFL playoffs after collapsing in the final weeks of the season. They added another reliable target for quarterback Matthew Stafford in wide receiver Golden Tate, but unfortunately for Morian, the team didn’t do enough to make a Super Bowl run seem likely.

Photos via Facebook/Dave and Chuck “the Freak”

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