Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat weren’t exactly in a talking mood Tuesday night after being dominated by the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

One reporter didn’t do much to help their cause.

After a 111-92 loss in which the Spurs scored a whopping 71 points in the first half, reporter Bobby Ramos posed a rather long-winded question to Wade and LeBron James so confusing that it actually caused James to burst out laughing.


The rambling question wasn’t even the first gem of the night from Ramos. Earlier in the post-game press conference, the reporter grilled head coach Erik Spoelstra on the Heat’s failures on their home court. Spoelstra’s response would make Gregg Popovich proud.


Miami’s blowout loss was no laughing matter, but we’re glad this guy was able to provide some comic relief with his “hard-hitting” questions. If he interviews Popovich after Game 4, though, watch out.