Japan Fans Pick Up Their Own Trash After Team Loses World Cup Game (Photo)


With no trash cans or recycling bins near seats at stadiums, it seems normal for fans at sporting events to defile the floor under their seats with broken peanut shells, spilled beer, empty bags of nachos and the pickle they didn’t want to touch in their burger.

Japanese fans at the World Cup, however, think otherwise.

After seeing their team blow a lead and lose to Ivory Coast 2-1, fans of Japan were seen picking up trash after the game. Not only were they cleaning their own mess, it looks from the photos like that they were throwing out other people’s trash, too.

[tweet https://twitter.com/WorIdCupProbs/statuses/478250315657920513 align=’center’]

It would’ve been totally acceptable for the fans to hang their heads and exit the stadium without cleaning their messes after a loss like that, especially when one considers that they flew across an ocean and paid a bundle to see their team play on the world’s biggest stage. But these fans showed class in defeat instead.

Ivory Coast won the game, but Japan’s fans get a big win for doing something that we all should do more often when we attend games.


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