Lionel Messi Leaves A Child Hanging Before World Cup Game (Video)


Lionel Messi is an international soccer star. This means he is adored by men, women and, of course, children.

One particular child had the chance to be standing a few feet away from Messi before Argentina’s World Cup opener against Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Messi walked in to shake a few officials’ hands, the kid emerged from the back to hopefully get a high five from the Argentine icon.

Messi either did not see him — because he’s much taller than the kid — or he’s an arrogant jerk, but he left the poor kid hanging, and you can just see the sadness in the kid’s heart as he slowly lowers his arm.

The child showed great confidence by leaving his place in line to say hello to one of his favorite players, but all of that mojo probably got shot down when Messi blew him off.

Keep that chin up, kid.


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