Mario Balotelli Fills Panini Sticker Book With Stickers Of Himself (Photo)


BalotelliWhen you’re one of the world’s greatest soccer players, there’s a slight chance you might have an inflated ego.

Italian soccer sensation Mario Balotelli showed that he may have a bit of a superiority complex when he posted a picture of a Panini sticker book on his Facebook account. Except instead of stickers of his fellow teammates, the book was covered with a plethora of Balotellis.

Perhaps this shows that if cloning was readily available, Balotelli would have proposed to have 10 more Super Marios running around the pitch.

Or it shows that Mario has a lot of time on his hands.

Photo via Facebook/BALOTELLI45ACM


It’s always great to see the entire country unite, put their differences aside and cheer on Team USA. It happens during the Olympics and it’s currently happening during the World Cup. The Pittsburgh Pirates posted this photo on their Twitter prior to the USMNT game against Ghana. [tweet align=”center”]


Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest hitters of all-time, died Monday morning after a battle with cancer.

Gwynn accomplished countless feats throughout his playing days, but perhaps one of the most amazing is how he only recorded one three-strikeout game in his entire career. There were 11 of those on Sunday. One-hundred forty characters were not enough for Tony Gwynn Jr. to thank his legendary father on the day he passed away. [tweet align=”center”] [tweet align=”center”]


So far, the World Cup has given soccer fans all over the world some exciting and high-scoring games. That is until Nigeria and Iran laid goose eggs in easily the dullest game thus far.

One of the cameramen at the scoreless tie got a little distracted from the lack of action on the field, too. While shooting a group of fans in the crowd, he just decided to take a random close-up of a pretty girl instead.

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