Mike Tyson Kicks Dana White Out Of His Seat On Airplane Flight (Video)


Everyone knows that a good seat on an airplane is hard to come by. And when you’re boxing legend Mike Tyson, you’re able to get pretty much anything you want.

Those two factors converged Tuesday in a rather amusing Instagram video posted by UFC president Dana White.

In the video, Tyson approaches White — who appears to be minding his own business in his airplane seat — and slaps him on the shoulder, telling him to get out of his seat.

When White timidly responds, “But I like this seat,” Tyson retorts, “I like it better,” which basically puts an end to any argument.

White’s accompanying caption — “Got punked. #miketyson #worstflightever #headinhome #ufc” — and playful smile in the video suggest that the encounter most likely was staged. Still, that doesn’t make Tyson any less scary.

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