MLB Teams Stage Epic Taylor Swift Sing-Along On Twitter (Photos)


Baseball has been America’s pastime for more than a century, but let’s face it: it can get a little slow sometimes.

With that perhaps in mind, the official Major League Baseball Twitter account decided to create some buzz before Monday’s slate of night games by making a reference to Taylor Swift’s song, “Love Story.”

That tweet prompted a response from the Los Angeles Dodgers account, which apparently never passes up the chance for a good Taylor Swift quote.

What happened next was pretty awesome, as teams from across the MLB joined forces in an epic quote-fest — complete with some clever photos — of Swift’s 2008 hit song.

The “Love Story” sing-along also inspired other Taylor Swift-themed tweets, including this gem from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

While these teams all deserve a round of applause, the Cleveland Indians might need some music lessons, as they randomly responded to the thread with a Goo Goo Dolls quote. Hey, it was good while it lasted.

h/t MLB’s Cut4

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