Nik Stauskas: NBA Team Asked Me If I’d Rather Party With Bieber Or Win ROY


The question former Michigan standout Nik Stauskas was asked by an NBA team on Wednesday was almost so easy it just might have been a trick question.

As the 2014 NBA draft approaches, teams are grilling prospects to see how they’ll fit in with their organization. But one team has a different definition of grilling than most, opting to incorporate Justin Bieber into their deep, probing line of questioning.

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Like Bieber, Stauskas is from Canada, but that’s about the only thing the two have in common. While it couldn’t have taken more than .2 seconds to answer, Stauskas clarified that he chose what everyone in the world would presumably choose too.

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Stauskas clearly passed the strange test with flying colors — unless the real experiment was to see if he could keep this gem off of social media.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@Local4Sports

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