Carey Price, Zdeno CharaBoston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara stood in the middle of a group of reporters last month at the team’s break-up day. He patiently answered questions about the Bruins’ early exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs while never taking his left hand out of his sweatshirt pocket.

Chara admitted then that he suffered a left finger injury during the playoffs but offered little information about the situation. On Monday in Las Vegas, where Chara is attending the NHL’s awards show, the big defenseman finally went into a little more detail.

Chara admitted to suffering a broken left pinky finger after being slashed in Game 3 against Montreal, and he then had his ring finger on the same hand cut open in Game 5, according to the Boston Herald. Chara doesn’t seem very worried about any sort of long-term issues with the injuries, though.

“It’s good. It’s healed and we’re still looking to get the full feeling,” Chara said, according to the Herald. “It should be something that we stay on top of and it’ll get better.”

The blueliner also said that surgery wasn’t needed, as the injuries were cleaned out before it could become infected. Chara is expected to fully recover, and he’s still not willing to say the injuries affected his play during the seven-game loss to the Canadiens.

“It didn’t,” he said, according to the Herald. “It was one of those things that was a little bit uncomfortable holding the stick or shooting, but it didn’t affect me.”

Chara registered only one shot on goal in Games 6 and 7 of the Montreal series.