100-Pound Gymnast Conquers ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course (Video)


This week is, admittedly, a slow sports week.

So, with baseball on break, NBA and NHL free agencies cooled down and NFL training camp still a week or two away, viewers have to turn elsewhere to get their athletic adrenaline fix.

Enter “American Ninja Warrior,” the spin-off of the legendary Japanese show that tasks competitors with completing courses full of ridiculously difficult obstacles.

The show has been airing in the U.S. for a while now, but until this week, a woman never had successfully completed the final round. That changed when a 5-foot, 100-pound former collegiate gymnast named Kacy Catanzaro took her turn on the course.

OK, so Catanzaro’s accomplishment might not fall under the classification of any specific “sport.” But if you can’t respect that athleticism, you’re crazy.

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