Just in case you weren’t already buying into the “I believe that we can win” mantra that has become synonymous with the United States men’s soccer team, a group of young kids battling cancer undoubtedly will convince you.

A group of 232 American children at Camp Sunshine, a summer camp for kids with cancer based in Atlanta, have joined the rest of the nation in getting fired up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The kids have become some of Team USA’s most passionate supporters, as they have chanted the customary “I believe that we can win” battle cry every day last week before each meal — and it’s sure to give you chills.

The awesome show of support did the trick as the Americans survived group play and advanced to the knockout round, where they’ll face Belgium on Tuesday. Hopefully the magic will continue, but if nothing else, the kids will pump everyone up for the big game and make believers out of anyone.