Patrick Kane’s moves on the ice are so easy to reproduce a 9-year-old could do them.

While no one in their right mind would ever make that claim, it appears that one young hockey fan was up for the challenge. After hearing the news that Kane and teammate Jonathan Toews signed eight-year contract extensions with the Chicago Blackhawks last week, 9-year-old Tommy Murray was inspired to emulate one of his favorite players, NBC Chicago reports.

The youngster took on a tall task, attempting to recreate No. 88’s absurd puck-handling video that quickly went viral.

Murray’s video, titled “My Goal” shows the mini-Kane weaving in and out of the maze of pucks just like the Blackhawks star did.

“If he can do it so can I,” a caption in the video reads. “I’ll practice, stay dedicated, and be ready in eight years.”

Imitating Kane’s impressive skills on the ice is far from Murray’s only goal, however, as his father revealed that he hopes to be playing alongside the winger in the future.

“He says he has a chance to play with them now,” the boy’s father, Tom Murray, wrote in an email to NBC Chicago. “I love his determination.”

In other news, Brandon Bollig should probably not ever click on this video for the sake of his self-esteem.