Chicago White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn has hit 454 home runs over the course of his 14-year career, and has probably hit the ball to the warning track many times, as well.

The power-hitting lefty has never had this happen to him before, though.

Dunn drove the ball to deep left field on Friday at Comerica Park, and Houston Astros outfielder L.J. Hoes leaped at the wall to try and make the catch. Hoes missed the ball, but it incredibly bounced off the top of the wall twice while remaining in play.

The White Sox went on to win 3-2 and Dunn still earned a double on the play, so the would-have-been home run wasn’t game-changing. If you asked the 34-year-old slugger, though, we’re pretty sure he would have loved to have seen that ball carry over the wall.