Bud Selig: Montreal An ‘Excellent Candidate’ For Future MLB Team


MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Toronto Blue JaysMontreal Expos fans may no longer have to wonder what could have been.

The failed expansion team saw its best shot at becoming a World Series-winning franchise get cut short with the MLB player’s strike of 1994, and things went downhill from there. They couldn’t get a new stadium, they couldn’t win and they eventually became the Washington Nationals in 2005.

Many Montrealers have been bitter about the departure of their beloved team, but MLB commissioner Bud Selig gave them hope during a news conference at the All-Star Game on Tuesday. The New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays played exhibition games at Olympic Stadium, the Expos’ former home, in March, and Selig liked what he saw.

“I think they would be an excellent candidate in the future. No question about it. That was very impressive,” Selig said, as reported by the Associated Press.

Selig did admit however, that a move to Montreal would require some effort.

“They have much work to be done,” he said. “There’s certainly in my case no hard or angry feeling toward Montreal. We tried to keep a team there. It’s a long story now. But I thought that was marvelous.”

As much as some fans would like to see a team in Montreal again, it’s unclear whether or not it would actually happen. The MLB has no current plans to expand, and there aren’t really any teams looking to relocate immediately. Not to mention, Selig plans to retire as MLB commissioner in January.

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