If you’re a New York Jets or New England Patriots fan, you probably remember where you were when you first saw the Butt Fumble.

It was a 2012 Thanksgiving meeting between rivals. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez crashed into the backside of his blocker, Brandon Moore, fumbling the ball. It led to a Patriots touchdown and sparked the scoring in a lopsided 49-19 New England victory.

And that’s why Jets fans voted it as the team’s most memorable play.

Memorable doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a good play, so Jets fans certainly made the right choice. In fact, the play was only up against one pro-Jets option. It beat out Dan Marino’s fake spike for a touchdown in 1994 — which led to the Jets blowing an 18-point lead — and Jets offensive tackle Jumbo Elliott’s game-tying touchdown in 2000’s “Monday Night Miracle” against the Miami Dolphins.

But the Butt Fumble is absolutely the most memorable of the three. It was a media sensation, spending 40 weeks on ESPN’s “Not Top 10” before being retired. It even has its own Wikipedia page.

So congratulations, Jets fans. You picked a real winner.

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Photo via Twitter/@RealSportsTalk