If you need an annual “Ghostbusters” goalie mask, who ya gonna call?

Cam Talbot.

The New York Rangers backup goaltender is known for his “Ghostbusters” masks after wearing one during a Stadium Series game last season, and he debuted his new mask on Friday, keeping the “Ghostbusters” theme alive.

Ghostbusters Mask

The mask was designed and painted by Dave Gunnarsson.

Not only does Bill Murray make an appearance on Talbot’s mask, but the headgear also pays tribute to the Zuul dog with the teeth at the bottom of the mask.

Finally, the rest of the mask has “details to tell the story of ghost hunting in New York,” according to Gunnarsson.

Talbot’s “Ghostbusters” mask joins Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson’s “Pac-Duck” for most creative head wear of the year.

Photo via DaveArt