The Boston Celtics have not made significant changes to their primary uniforms in decades, but it appears they might employ a slightly different look in the 2014-15 season.

The road jerseys would read “BOSTON” rather than the traditional “CELTICS,” according to a Uni-Watch tweet. While not confirmed, the change would mark the first time in 42 years the home and away jerseys did not have the same text across the chest.

The Celtics replaced the arched “BOSTON” with “CELTICS” in 1972 and made just one alteration since, adding a small shamrock to the back of the jersey, just between the shoulder blades. They have fiddled with multiple alternate uniform combinations over the years, but have generally left the primary unis alone.

The shamrock will have to go next season, though, to make room for the NBA logo, which is moving from the front shoulder to the back of the jersey. Almost everyone agrees this is to make room for advertising eventually invading NBA uniforms within the next few years.

The Celtics’ jerseys will also have a small gold patch on the back of the neck, signifying that the franchise has won a championship (or 17). [tweet align=’center’]