Episode No. 220: Mike Sigel “Captain Hook”
Mike Sigel, 10-time World Champion Billiard player hangs out with The Mad Fisherman Charlie Moore.  Charlie travels to Mike’s home state of Florida.  Mike discusses his role in the movie “The Color of Money.”  Charlie shows Mike how Florida small pond fishing is done.  Mike teaches Charlie trick shots in pool.  Charlie critiques Corona’s Cigar bar, Stefano’s Grill and Amura Restaurant.

Episode No. 219: Moore Therapy
Charlie hangs out with his two sons Nikolas and Anthony.  The boys try to out-fish their father.  Anthony gives his father a huge attitude.  Charlie cooks steak Mediterranean style.  The boys battle it out in trivia.  Charlie has a surprise at the end when he tells the boys who is the best fisherman.

Episode No. 218: Christmas Party 2015
Charlie and Angela host the annual Christmas marathon party at Mad Fish Land. Over 100 close friends and sponsors join the Moores to celebrate the holiday season. Angela shows off one of her favorite holiday dishes as Charlie prepares his sleigh balls recipe. Charlie meets up with Chuck Rolecek for a wine pairing at his ‘The Restaurant.’

Episode No. 217: Home Alone 2 
The Mad Fisherman is known for taking out the most famous people in the world and bringing them into his world. Time alone on the Mad Fisherman’s Aubuchon boat is rare. Charlie cooks a few of his favorite dishes and his son Anthony stumps him in trivia. Being alone proves to be successful as Charlie lands several big bass.

Episode No. 216: Patrice Bergeron 
Charlie hooks up with Boston Bruins Selke Award winner and cover of NHL ’15, Patrice Bergeron. Fishing is extremely tough, leaving Charlie clueless. Patrice gets stumped on a few trivia questions and has his fishing skills critiqued by Charlie. The two go head-to-head in a competitive game of Cornhole. Charlie grills Patrice food that he has never tried.

Episode No. 215: Wicked Sick Tournament 
Three teams compete for two days and a grand prize of $5,000. The heaviest collection of 10 fish wins. Team Fitts takes the meaning of “wicked sick” to a new level, but Team Martins makes a bid for the cash. The three teams also participate in a Mad Fish cook-off.

Episode No. 214: Gators, Guns and the Geese 
Charlie travels to Sumter, South Carolina, and hooks up with local fisherman, Steve Pizzino. Steve takes Charlie on his favorite lakeand invites The Mad Fisherman to his house for a Pizzino family cookout. Charlie goes on a gator hunt. The trip ends with a full day of fishing. Steve, his friend, and Charlie go shooting at a gun range and have to deal with both a bodyguard and a surprise appearance from a local named Bucky.

Episode No. 213: Fishin’ with a Mission 
Charlie Moore hooks up with longtime buddy Mark Burgess. Charlie and Mark head to Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire to do some smallmouth fishing. Charlie is overwhelmed by the fishing but things do not go as actually planned. Mark invites Charlie to his fishing with a Mission Autism event. Charlie and Mark have a lakeside cookout with the crew. Fishing gets cut short on day two after a huge storm rolls in. Charlie dedicates the show to help fight autism and support the ‘Fishin’ With a Mission’ cause.

Episode No. 212: Claude Julien 
Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien fishes with the Mad Fisherman, Charlie Moore. Day 1 Claude gets a fishing lesson he won’t forget.  Charlie and Coach catch some good-sized largemouth bass. Coach talks about hockey and his love for fishing and cooking. Charlie and Coach have a cook-off and try to play NHL-15. The second day of fishing is slow, but things heat up with the best-of-three bubble hockey series. Hockey, fishing, food and a whole lot of chaos!

Episode No. 211: Joe Vellano
The Patriots just won their fourth Super Bowl, but it shouldn’t surprise you that defensive tackle Joe Vellano doesn’t want to go to Disney World. He wants to hook up with Charlie Moore the Mad Fisherman. Joe gets a fishing lesson from Charlie. The two catch several largemouth bass, capped off by a whopping three-pound Larry. Charlie discusses Joe’s college and professional career. Joe shows off his basketball skills. Charlie and Joe hit the links and prove that they are both really poor golfers. Charlie invites Joe and his family to his house to wrap up the show with a huge cookout.

Episode No. 210: Bob Marley
Charlie travels to Portland, Maine, to meet up with comedian/actor Bob Marley. Bob is known for his “Upta Camp” phrase.  Bob shows Charlie historical sites in Portland, Maine. Charlie and Bob fish his lake and catch some very nice bass. Charlie analyzes Bob’s cooking skills, and, in return, Bob analyzes Charlie’s water skiing skills.  Bob shows Charlie life in a golf cart and explains to Charlie, “Maine – The Way Life Should Be.” Things get a little crazy “Upta Camp.”

Episode No. 209: Johnny Jam 2015
Charlie travels to sunny Orlando, Florida and teams up with two-time World Champion Johnny Damon. Johnny has his annual charity event “Johnny Jam”. Charlie donates his time to charity by fishing for bass in all of the small ponds while Johnny and other celebrities play 18 holes of golf. The weather is nasty, but the golf and fishing are anything but. A lot of money was raised for many charities including the Johnny Damon Foundation.

Episode No. 208: Jermaine Wiggins
East Boston native and former New England Patriot Super Bowl Champion Jermaine Wiggins hangs out in the Mad Fisherman‘s World. Charlie takes Jermaine salt water fishing in Seabrook, NH, but the former Patriot doesn’t handle the rough seas too well. Fishing is tough on the salt water, but Jermaine catches a nice striper. Charlie and Jermaine have lunch at the Tuna Striker, then Jermaine takes Charlie into his world for a bit of authentic Italian cuisine at Reno’s. Charlie and Jermaine meet on day two on calmer waters for some fresh water bass fishing. Charlie catches several nice largemouth bass. Jermaine shows off his ice hockey skills. The two cap off a great week shoot with a cigar and a cookout at Twins Smoke Shop.

Episode No. 207: Tom Brands — Iowa Wrestling
The Mad Fisherman takes his Boston antics to the Midwest to meet up with Iowa University wrestling coach Tom Brands. Tom shows Charlie all about Iowa wrestling. He takes Charlie to a pig farm to try and catch some bass, then to a meet and greet with a local fan of the show and angler, Mike Baeur. Charlie shows Mike the world of sushi out on the water. Charlie takes Iowa farming to a new level.

Episode No. 206: Home Alone
Charlie decides to fish one of his favorite lakes, as well a lake that he has never fished before. The Mad Fisherman bumps into some school kids during a field trip. He catches a surprise fish and decides to make it lunch for the crew. Things then get a little heated when Charlie loses a five-pound. bass. In the end, Charlie catches a lunker largemouth. The Mad Fisherman is by himself for the entirety of the episode. Therefore, he dubs the show Home Alone.

Episode No. 205: Christian Laettner “MR. DUKE”  
Charlie heads to Jacksonville, Florida, to meet up with former NBA and Duke legendChristian Laettner. Christian shows The Mad Fisherman how to surf-fish for shark. Charlie takes in some local cuisine and critiques the snapper at Aqua Grill. Christian and Charlie share some laughs, cigars, and fine wine until something goes terribly wrong on the beach.

Episode No. 204: Tuukka Rask 
Boston Bruins Vezina Trophy winner and Stanley Cup Champion Tuukka Rask hangs out with NESN’s Mad Fisherman. Charlie fishes his favorite lake in southern New Hampshire and teaches the goalie how to cast and catch bass. Tuukka takes Charlie to Boston for a Tuukka tour, followed by lunch at Strega Waterfront. Charlie and Tuukka play a best-of-three bubble hockey series and finish the show playing street hockey with Anthony Moore and his friend, Cam.

Episode No. 203: I’m Lost
Charlie heads to one of his favorite New England lakes with the hope of having a great day on the water. This time, however, Charlie will not be allowed to fish his favorite spots. He also has to deal with a major issue at the boat ramp that almost shuts down filming for the day. The Mad Cook also shows off his favorite Atlantic Salmon recipe along with his new No Offense spices. Food, fish and trivia, all mixed in with a few unexpected events. Find out why Charlie Moore is completely lost!

Episode No. 202: Florida Snakehead 
Charlie heads down to sunny Florida in search of the snakehead fish. He hooks up with long-time friend, Captain Shane Procell.  Shane has sushi at Asia Bay for the first time. Charlie takes Shane to some of his favorite fishing spots and Shane takes the Mad Fisherman to some of his favorite fishing spots. There’s snakehead, sushi, sun and some good laughs in this episode. Look out for some unforeseen twists.

Episode No. 201: 2014 Mad Fish Christmas Party 
Join Charlie, Angela and the kids as they host the 2014 Charlie Moore Mad Fisherman Christmas Bash. The holidays are a time to celebrate family, friends and sponsors. Sit back and relax as Charlie and friends reminisce about past episodes. Angela and Charlie cook a beautiful meal for 100 of their closest friends.  This is what the holidays are all about!

Episode No. 200: John Dennis
WEEI Radio legend John Dennis teams up with Charlie Moore. The Mad Fisherman takes John out on the water for the first time since he was a kid.  Charlie is given the tough task of teaching John how to cast. John talks to Charlie about his long career in TV and radio. A bit of controversy and confusion arise during the trivia segment around what lake John and Charlie are really fishing. The Mad Cook heads back to Mad Fish Land and John and Charlie have a little bit of a cook-off. Catch all of the fun with Charlie and John Dennis tonight only on NESN!

Episode No. 199: Cape Cod 
Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts and world-famous food. Charlie Moore hooks up with local angler Dave Bernieand fish for smallmouth bass on Long Pond in Harwich. Dave takes Charlie to The Wicked Oyster, Mac’s Shack and the Red Nun. Charlie critiques the food at all three restaurants. The Mad Fisherman hooks up with Nick Muto, captain of the lobster boat “Lost.” Nick shows Charlie what Cape Cod lobster fishing is all about and shows Charlie what a Cape Cod backside slam bake is all about. Great food, great fishing and great fun — all done Mad Fisherman style.

Episode No.198: Steve DeOssie
The Mad Fisherman hangs out with former Super Bowl Champion Steve DeOssie. Steve and Charlie get in a good workout before Charlie shows Steve how to fish. Steve talks about his NFL career and being coached under Bill Parcells, Tom Landry and Bill Belichick. Steve invites Charlie to Fred and Steve’s Steakhouse in Rhode Island. After dinner, Steve, Charlie and Angela hang out in the smoking lounge and watch the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series.

Episode No. 197: Hulk Hogan
Charlie travels to sunny Clearwater, Florida, but the last thing on his mind is the beach.  That’s because he hooks up with legendary wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan. Hogan is displeased because Charlie shows up late to an early morning workout session. Charlie takes Hulk fishing, hoping Hollywood Hogan will land his first fish since he was a kid. The wrestler invites Charlie to his restaurant, Hogan’s Beach, for a seafood bucket and discusses his 30-year career. Charlie also has a surprise encounter with the ‘Mouth of the South,’ Jimmy Hart.  Charlie decides to fish small ponds in and around Clearwater.

Episode No. 196: Italy 
Charlie and his family travel to beautiful Italy.  He is in search for authentic Italian wines, cheeses and prosciutto.  The family takes in the historical sites as Charlie tries his best not to complain.  The Mad Fisherman makes a traditional Italian pizza in a brick oven and takes a trip along the Amalfi Coast.  Italy will never be the same.

Episode No. 195: Peter Frates
Charlie travels to Marblehead, Massachusetts, and meets up with Beverly native and former Boston College Baseball Captain, Peter Frates.  Peter’s dad explains the day that his son was diagnosed with ALS.  Charlie and Peter head out on Peter’s boat “The Screamin’ Eagle” in search of anything that bites the line.  Charlie attends “Pints for Pete,” Peter’s charity event at the Hard Rock Café. Charlie fishes for largemouth bass all day in support of Peter’s charity.

Episode No. 194: Mad Fish Off
Join The Mad Fisherman as he and partner Joel St. Germain compete against two other top bass fishing teams. This episode features a two-day, winner-take-all bass fishing tournament. The teams will also compete in a food competition.

Episode No. 193: Johnny Damon 
Charlie travels to sunny Windermere, Fla., to hook up with two-time World Series champion Johnny Damon.  Johnny talks about breaking the 86-year curse with the Boston Red Sox and Charlie talks some smack about Johnny leaving the Sox for the dreaded New York Yankees.  Johnny and Charlie play some golf and Charlie decides to show Johnny how to fish small ponds on the golf course.  Charlie visits Johnny’s house and fishes at Lake Butler off of Johnny’s ski boat and then gets a personal tour of Johnny’s “Man Town.”

Episode No. 192: Lennywood (Huntington Beach) 
Charlie goes westbound and down for a little taste of the Southern California lifestyle.  We all know that Mad Fish loves chasing the bass around Boston, but the warm California sun and surf are calling.  After a little bout of jet lag, Charlie heads out for some food and drinks in Huntington Beach.  Charlie hooks up with the unofficial mayor of Huntington Beach, Lenny, or as Charlie has dubs him — Lennywood.  Kayak and spear fishing, as well as surfing are just a few of the things that make up this unique show at Huntington Beach.

Episode No. 191: Sam Fuld
Charlie heads down to Florida to catch some rays with Tamp Bay Rays outfielder Sam Fuld. Charlie helps Sam catch his first ever peacock bass. Plenty of baseball, fishing, great food and a surprise visit form the local Police Department. Just your typical shoot on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 190: Idaho Fly Fishing
Charlie invites his son Nikolas to join him and his crew on a fly fishing excursion to Idaho.  Charlie meets up with a local guide and hits two world-famous locations for great trout fishing.  Things get a little hairy on the Snake River.  Charlie hooks Rusty in the head with a fly and his cameraman Erik gets hit with a ricochet bullet.  Idaho is normally a quiet state, but things certainly change as the Mad Fisherman rolls into town.

Episode No. 189: Hawaii — Peacock Bass
Charlie travels to Hawaii in search of fresh-water fishing.  Everybody knows that salt-water fishing is plentiful in Hawaii, but finding fresh-water bass is near impossible. Charlie and Angela do some shopping and take in the local restaurants. Charlie, Angela and the crew are invited into a local family’s home for a good old-fashion Hawaiian cookout.  Naturally, Charlie visits a not-so-traditional luau.

Episode No. 188: Huzon Alexander
Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, travels to Vermont to hook up with MMA Fighter Huzon Alexander.  Charlie hits two of Huzon’s favorite places to fish.  Huzon takes Charlie to his gym and in return shows, Charlie how to perform martial arts.  Charlie critiques Huzon’s favorite places to eat in town.  Charlie tries to prove that fishing is indeed a contact sport.

Episode No. 187: Peter Laviolette 
Charlie teams up with former Philadelphia Flyers head coach and New England native Peter Laviolette. Charlie takes Peter to a lake in New Hampshire for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Peter introduces Charlie to his family at Peter’s family reunion. Charlie travels to Philadelphia to critique the world famous Prince of Steve’s Cheese steak. A visit to a local Philadelphia cigar shop caps off this most interesting episode with Laviolette.  Catch all of the fishing, drama and a few surprises on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 186: Gary Guyton
Everyone knows that Charlie Moore loves the great outdoors, but Charlie’s true love is the game of football.  Charlie hooks up with former New England Patriots’ Gary Guyton as he transitions from a New England Patriot to a Miami Dolphin.  Gary and Charlie hit the Rustic Inn for their world famous crabs. Charlie hits the Floridian nightlife with a visit to a cigar bar and a meet-and-greet with Nashville Predator’s assistant head coach Peter Horachek.

Episode No. 185: Luis Tiant
The winters in New England are notoriously cold and stormy and the Mad Fisherman can get even crazier. Charlie decides to head south for a little fun in the sun with former Boston Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant. Luis takes Charlie to his favorite Colombian restaurant, Charlie takes Luis out fishing for lady fish and Luis and Charlie have a few cigars while talking about Luis’s incredible career with the Red Sox. This episode is truly a home run. Catch all of the action on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 184: Mad Fish Bash 2013
The holidays in New England mean many things: snow, Christmas music and, of course, the annual Charlie Moore Christmas Day Bash.  Join Charlie and his wife, Angela, as they host the 2013 Mad Fish Bash at the ‘North Pole’. Family, friends and sponsors gather around the fire to have a few toddies, plenty of home-cooked food and tell stories of their past favorite episodes of Charlie Moore Outdoors.

Episode No. 183: Kyle Arrington
Charlie heads down to Annapolis, Md., and hooks up with the New England Patriots’ Kyle Arrington. Kyle shows up late for fishing. Charlie critiques the Maryland blue crab vs. the Maine lobster. The Mad Fisherman also hits several local establishments and tries the local drinks and food. Kyle and Charlie take a walk down memory lane and talk about Kyle’s early days playing high school football. Tune in to all of the action on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 182: Jack Capuano 
University of Maine alumni and current head coach of the New York Islanders, Jack Capuano, invites Charlie up to his hometown for some exciting bass fishing. Charlie discusses the sports rivalry between New York and Boston. Charlie and Jack head down to Nassau Coliseum — home of the New York Islanders. Jack invites Charlie for a pick-up game of ice hockey. After the game, Jack takes Charlie to a few local restaurants. Tune into “Charlie Moore Outdoors” on NESN to catch all of the action.

Episode No. 181: Blue October, Austin, Texas
Charlie Moore is known as the Mad Fisherman because of his love of the great outdoors. Charlie also loves music, and one of his favorite rock-and-roll bands is Blue October. In this episode, Charlie travels to Austin, Texas, and takes a visit to world famous 6th street. Of course, there is homemade Texas-style barbecue. Charlie rocks out with the band and takes a wild ride on a kayak.  Catch all of the music, food and fishing on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 180: Bimini Bay, Bahamas
Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, is known for his on-and-off the water antics. He primarily searches for any and all fish in New England waters. But on this episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” the Mad Fisherman takes a break from New England’s cold winter and heads to the sunny island of Bimini Bay. Charlie hooks up with a legendary bonefisherman and heads out in search of a world record bonefish.  Plenty of local food, good times and fish make up this episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 179: Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Did you know that in the off season that former Red Sox catcher Jarrod “Salty” Saltalamacchia  loves to fish, cook homemade barbecue meals with his wife and shoot skeets? To top things off, he loves the game of Polo. So naturally, Charlie decides to head to Florida and hangout with Salty in his world. But things don’t go quite as planned. Tune in to all of the festivities tonight on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 178: Welcome to Hawaii
Charlie Moore decides to leave the comforts of New England and heads to the sunny, sandy beaches of Hawaii.  Fishing with the locals for bone fishing and tasting the local cuisine, Charlie and Angela also take in the entire Hawaiin lifestyle.  This is one episode where the Mad Fisherman will have nothing to complain about.

Episode No. 177: Ryan Newman
Charlie Moore’s lifestyle is known for being a little, well, fast.  So it shouldn’t become a shock when he hooks up with NASCAR driver Ryan Newman.  Charlie fishes at Crystal Lake in New Hampshire for the first time, takes a tour of New Hampshire Motor Speedway and gets a personalized tour of the Ryan Newman facilities in North Carolina.  This is all topped off with a trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and one of North Carolina’s scotch bars.

Episode No. 176: Fishing on the Q
Charlie travels to Enfield, Conn., to hook up with his good friend, Jim Marco.  Jim shows Charlie his hometown hospitality.  They take a trip to a local tobacco farm, make a homemade milk shake served Charlie Moore style and do some great fishing as Charlie fishes the Quabbin Reservoir for the first time.

Episode No. 175: Dave Russo
New England’s own comedian Dave Russo takes center stage with Charlie Moore.  Charlie quickly finds out that being a great comedian does not necessarily translate into catching fish.  Dave talks about his life as a comedian.  Charlie gets frustrated watching Dave fish.

Episode No. 174: The World is Yours
Charlie Moore and Joel St. Germain team up for a little 1-on-1 team bass fishing against the team of Fitts and Fitts.  It is a cold New England fall day and things do not go quite as planned.  Find out who the winning team will be on Charlie Moore Outdoors only on NESN.

Episode No. 173: Gerry Cheevers 
NHL Hall of Fame goalie Gerry Cheevers takes off the mask and jumps on the front deck of Charlie Moore’s bass boat. The Mad Fisherman teaches the goalie how to catch fish all the while discussing Gerry’s historic mask and great NHL career. As always, a few unexpected surprises occur. Check out all of the fun on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 172: 2012 Christmas Day Mad Fish Bash
The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. Each year Charlie Moore hosts his annual Mad Fish Holiday Bash and this year is no exception.  Plenty of food, holiday cheer, friends and sponsors all toast and go over highlights of this past season.

Episode No. 171: All About the Food
Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, is known for many things — his wild antics on and off the boat, the many celebrity guests who have appeared on the show, big fish, small fish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, a fine cigar and a wonderful bottle of red. But when you get right down to it, for the Mad Fisherman, it is truly all about the food. In this episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” not only does Charlie show you how to catch fish, but he takes you through some of his favorite food experiences. Catch and eat all of the excitement on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” on NESN.

Episode No. 170: Ray Bourque 
Boston Bruin and Hockey Hall of Fame player Ray Bourque takes to the lake and ice with NESN’s own Charlie Moore. Charlie takes a unique look at not only Ray’s career on the ice but also into his entire lifestyle after the game. A trip back to Ray’s native homeland and a five-star meal at Tresca’s in the North End, as well as some fishing and golfing makes up this exciting episode with Raymond Bourque on “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” only on NESN.

Episode No. 169: Scott Brown
The Mad Fisherman asks for a motion on the floor to catch more fish, and in order to make things in this episode move more smoothly, he has joined hands with senator Scott Brown.  Scott and Charlie meet up for some food, plenty of fish, a whole lot of fun and, of course, no politics. To catch all of the action with Senator Scott Brown, tune in to “Charlie Moore Outdoors” on NESN.

Episode No. 168: Nikolas Moore/ Bass and Grass
Fishing is all about hanging out with family and friends and bonding in the great outdoors. This week on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” Charlie hooks up with his son Nikolas Moore for a little fishing adventure. Nikolas proves that he is a chip off the old block. Tune in for another exciting episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 167: Bobby Orr
In Boston, it is all about the sport scene and there are very few who are bigger than Bobby Orr. On this episode, the Hockey Hall of Famer hooks up with NESN’s own Charlie Moore. It is an in-depth look into Bobby’s career and his love for the great outdoors and all of the humor and anecdotes that you would expect from Charlie Moore. Do not miss this memorable episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 166: 200 Foundation
Charlie heads out onto one of his favorite lakes in search of largemouth bass. It quickly becomes apparent that the fish are on fire.  During the show, Charlie is informed that he is going to be the Man of the Year for the 200 Foundation. Award ceremony, movie trivia, cooking segment, bass and a whole lot more on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 165: Newport, Rhode Island
Newport, R.I., is known for the mansions, beautiful beaches, unbelievable restaurants and great fishing.  That’s exactly why Charlie Moore decides to head down there and pay Newport a visit.  However, Charlie quickly realizes that no one knows the difference between a flounder and a fluke.

Episode No. 164: Spring Bass
Winters in New England can be very hard to endure. But when the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, that’s when it’s time for Charlie Moore to dust off the cobwebs and head out for some good old New England bass fishing.  As the fishing heats up, so does the stove. The Mad Fisherman also cooks up his favorite shrimp salad. Eat up all of the action on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” right here only on NESN.

Episode No. 163: New Jersey Shark and Bass 
When you think of New Jersey, some might think of Tony Soprano and the “bada bing.”  In this episode, Charlie heads down the New Jersey shore but he won’t be fishing with Tony, but he will be hooking up with some local fishermen and doing some shark and bass fishing, plus a little gambling.  Bass, shark and a little organized crime.  Don’t get caught watching all of the action on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 162: The Trout Show
Charlie Moore  hooks up with long-time friend and owner of Lunker City Fishing Specialties, Herb Reed. Herb invites Charlie to his home state of Connecticut to fish. Now, the Mad Fisherman is known for bass and he is also known for fishing out of his Aubuchon Hardware bass boat, so when Herb decides to switch things up by fishing for trout in waders, that doesn’t sit too well with Charlie. Catch all of the chaos on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 161: The Harley Show
Charlie heads out in southern New Hampshire in search of largemouth bass and pickerel. Sounds like your typical Mad Fisherman TV shoot, doesn’t it? Only one problem:  there’s no boat.  Instead, the Mad Fisherman takes his Harley Davidson on the road and goes pond hopping. Harleys, bass and pickerel and a possible trip to the emergency room. Catch all of the action on “Charlie Moore Outdoors” only on NESN.

Episode No. 160: 2011 Mad Fish Holiday Party
It’s been another wild, crazy and fun year in Mad Fish Land.  And what better way to reflect on 2011 and look forward to 2012 than a Mad Fish Holiday Party?  Join Charlie Moore as he gathers his family and friends for a Holiday Bash to end all bashes.  We’ll enjoy some fine food, have a lot of laughs and look back at the season’s episodes of Charlie Moore Outdoors.

Episode No. 159: Micky Ward
He’s the Pride of Lowell and a former WBU Champion boxer. He’s fought in some of the most classic boxing matches in recent history. And he’s had a movie made about his life. But tonight, Micky Ward reaches the pinnacle of his career — he’s fishing with the Mad Fisherman on Charlie Moore Outdoors!  New England icon Micky Ward is meeting up with Charlie on the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee for a crash-course in bass fishing. And with a trainer like Charlie in his corner, he can’t lose! They’ll look back on Micky’s career as well as talk about the successful biopic, “The Fighter.” We’ll get the inside scoop on how Boston punk heroes, Dropkick Murphys, came to record a song about the boxing legend. And there’s a trivia showdown featuring a late-round comeback that’s not to be missed. It’s a bass and boxing bonanza on this episode of Charlie Moore Outdoors and it’s only on NESN!

Episode No. 158: Fishing for a Four-Pounder
We all know that Charlie Moore can entertain the masses week after week. And we all know that he can catch a lot of fish.  But can the Mad Fisherman catch a big fish? That is the question, and tonight we will get the answer. The gauntlet has been thrown down, the fans have spoken and they want Charlie to catch a four-pound bass. So the intrepid angler has set out with his trusty crew with one goal in mind – a Four Pound Bass. But of course it’s not all business out on the water. Charlie and his cameraman get into a little “memorable movie quotes” trivia showdown, the whole crew has Bee-Gees Fever and the Codfather stops by to give his take on the whole affair. Mad Fish evens gets off the water for a bit to check out a charity golf tournament organized by NESN’s own Jayme Parker where he bumps into Bobby Orr, Andy Brickley, Theo Epstein and a host of other Boston athletes and celebrities. And the crazy part is, since Charlie can’t golf due to a nagging shoulder injury, he’s brought in Mad Fish Bodyguard and long-drive champ Larry Saggese as a fill-in ringer.

Episode No. 157: Mikey Adams
There are few personalities in New England that can go toe-to-toe with the Mad Fisherman when it comes to manic, all-out humor and entertainment on TV. WEEI’s Mikey Adams is one of those rare few. It’s truly two wild and crazy guys out on the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee looking for bass and having one fun time doing it. Mikey claims he hasn’t caught a fish since 1968 and Charlie’s going to try his hardest to get him hooked up. We’ve also got archival footage from Charlie’s appearance on “Mike Adams Sports World” from 1997. And with sports trivia and a delicious waterfront cookout sprinkled in, it’s just another great episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors” summer of fun.

Episode No. 156: Steve Grogan and Pete Brock 
Charlie welcomes two New England Patriot legends in Steve Grogan and Pete Brock. Teammates for 12 years and friends for longer, leave it to Charlie Moore to drive a wedge between the two. Charlie’s set up four quarters of football pitting the quarterback versus the center. And it’s not just a physical showdown, there’s also an NFL Trivia challenge that doesn’t end without a little controversy. Top it all off with a cookout on the shores of Lake Winni with Mad Fish sitting down and talking football with the long-time New England fan favorites, and you’ve got another spectacular episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 155: Tom Caron
Tom Caron was a guest with Charlie on NESN’s Front Row way back in 1997 (before “Charlie Moore Outdoors” even existed) and is credited with giving the Mad Fisherman his nickname. Charlie decided to bring Caron back to the water, and the two long-time on-air personalities are heading to Beverly Harbor to go after some stripers! It’s a trip down memory lane as two of NESN’s longest-tenured icons trade stories, reminisce and catch some fish. We’ll see clips from Tom and Charlie’s Front Row days and also witness a thrilling “walk-off” ending to the old friends’ fishing competition.

Episode No. 154: Drew Dominick — Gloucester 
We all know that Charlie Moore loves fishing. He is the Mad Fisherman, after all. But he is also a bit of a history buff. In tonight’s episode Charlie gets to combine these passions by heading to Gloucester to go fishing for stripers and bluefish. Gloucester is the very embodiment of fishing history in the Northeast and Charlie is soaking it all in. Along for the ride is his buddy Drew Dominick from Cape Ann Marine, and you know when these two friends get on the water some kind of competition will break out. And this one gets a little weird. Drew and Charlie and battling it out for the Prettiest Fish. Yep, you heard that right. Maybe a visit from the Codfather will set these two straight, but we doubt it. It’s another wild episode of CMO on the open seas, only on NESN!

Episode No. 153: A Day in the Life of Mad Fish
Everyone knows Charlie Moore has one speed — full tilt. This show is proof positive that the Mad Fisherman lives life to the fullest. We start out on the lake looking for bass. A couple of lucky contest winners from Washington state have flown in to spend the day fishing with Charlie and he does not want to disappoint. Charlie whips up a feast on the grill for his crew and guests. Speaking of guests, who just happens to stop by right in time for some of that delicious grub? Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Rickey Medlocke. It’s one action-packed day all jammed in to one crazy episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 152: Brian Jacobs — Cape Cod
Charlie Moore takes a trip to Cape Cod to do some offshore fishing for stripers. Tagging along with Charlie is Brian Jacobs, who won a Big Brothers auction to fish with Charlie. Brian’s nice guy save for one minor detail — he’s a New York Giants fan. The NFL rivalry between the Patriots and the Giants has carried over to the fishing and the competition is on. Each angler will get six points for every striper caught with the extra point tacked on for a correct trivia question answer. It’s a high-seas showdown for Charlie, and be sure to keep your eyes open for an appearance by the Codfather.

Episode No. 151: Herb Reed — Maine
On this episode, Charlie has Lunker City founder Herb Reed in the boat for some bass fishing in Augusta, Maine. Being Charlie’s first sponsor from years ago, you know the two will have some stories to tell. After a narrow escape, Mad Fish and Herb regroup and hit yet another Maine lake for some more fishing fun. And you know that Charlie’s not leaving Maine without trying some local lobster.

Episode No. 150: ExMark Grass & Bass
Ahhhh, Summertime in New England. The temperature is high, the bass are biting and the Mad Fisherman is loving life. Charlie’s heading out for his morning bite and he is just killing them. But it isn’t all peaches and cream for Mad Fish, we’re going to make him work today. Charlie leaves the lake for a while and heads to Warwick, R.I. to meet the winner of ExMark’s “Catchin’ Bass & Cuttin’ Grass with Charlie Moore Contest.” It’s time for the Mad Fisherman to get his hands dirty with the help of ExMark’s cutting-edge machinery and landscaper extraordinaire Larry Saggese.  What will be more surprising? The awesome make-over the lawn gets, or the fact that Charlie’s doing manual labor? Mad Fish will wrap up the day by grilling some mouth-waterinig Wagyu steaks for the crew.

Episode No. 149: Boat Contest Show
In this episode, Charlie has somehow got himself involved in a contest where the winners, all the way from Idaho, get to travel to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire to fish against the Mad Fisherman tournament-style. If they win, they get his Aubuchon boat, plain and simple. Charlie’s got his buddy and long-time fishing partner Joel St. Germain along for the ride.

Episode No. 148: Madfish Holiday Party 2010
The Holidays — t’s the Mad Fisherman’s favorite time of year. Is it the presents? Maybe. Is it the family time?  Possibly. Is it the Charlie Moore Mad Fish Marathon on NESN? Absolutely! What better way for Charlie Moore to celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year than gather the family and invite over all his friends for a big party to celebrate everything good from this year? We’ll hear from Mad Fish’s friends, family and sponsors and see some clips from their favorite episodes of Charlie Moore Outdoors. Don’t forget the Egg Nog!

Episode No. 147: Addieville East/Sta-Bil
Charlie heads to Addieville East Farm in Rhode Island to do a little clay shooting with his pal Joel St. Germain. But upon meeting up, the duo bump into master shooter Mike Russo and Bobby Cleveland, spokesman for Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. Charlie suggests a little two-on-two shooting tournament and the challenge is accepted.

Episode No. 146: Chuck Clement
Dinners are all well and good for Chuck Clement from Eastern Propane and Oil, but he really wants to hang out with the Mad Fisherman in his natural habitat  — the lake. When Chuck subtly hints that the two anglers should finally hit the water, Charlie heads on up to Lake Winni and the boys have a ball catching bass on their favorite body of water. Throw in a little cooking “lesson” from the Codfather and some impressive tricks from Chuck’s dog Winni, and it’s another slammin’ episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 145: Ken Casey
It’s been said that nothing says summer in New England like fishing and punk rock. Well, it’s been said in Mad Fish World anyway! Charlie welcomes Ken Casey, leader of Boston’s world-famous Celtic punk rock band, the Dropkick Murphys. Ken’s itching to catch his first fish ever and Charlie’s just the guy to make it happen. They’ll talk music, catch a ton of bass, do a little trivia and just have a great time out on Lake Winnipesaukee – all on this episode of Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 144: Jason Varitek
Former Red Sox captain Jason Varitek makes his inaugural appearance on Charlie Moore Outdoors. The two-time World Series winner with the  Red Sox joins Charlie on Lake Winni for some bass fishing, a boatload of laughs and some pretty tricky trivia questions. If he thought ending an 86-year old curse was tough, that’s nothing compared to spending a day on the water with the Mad Fisherman.

Episode No. 143: Charlie and Angela in Texas
Charlie and Angela Moore are heading to the Lone Star State for some R&R at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, located right on Lake LBJ. After a little relaxation and a great Texas-style meal, Mr. And Mrs. Mad Fish hit the lake for some bass fishing. The only problem is, the fish aren’t biting! Enter game show legend Chuck Woolery to save the day. Charlie and Chuck take another crack at Lake LBJ on day 2 with fantastic results and cap it all off with another great dinner at Horseshow Bay Resort. With plenty of bass, loads of Texan culinary delights and lots of laughs, this episode’s got it all — even a bonus trip to the hair salon to see how Mad Fish looks with black hair! Try finding that on any other fishing show!

Episode No. 142: Blue October 
We all know the Mad Fisherman has a love for music.  In this episode of CMO, Charlie teams up with one of his favorite alternative rock bands, Blue October.  Charlie has in depth discussions with lead singer Justin and his brother Jeremy,  and then is treated to a concert at the House of Blues in Boston.  Forget about going back stage after the concert, its off to the lake with Jeremy and Charlie.  As they search for largemouth bass Charlie discusses with Jeremy what Blue October is all about.

Episode No. 141: South Beach
Charlie and Angela head to South Beach.  Now we all know South beach is known for its glamour, food, beaches and warm weather.  Charlie vows to take Angela on a fun filled vacation to this wonderful destination and do no fishing.

Episode No. 140: DMC/Madfish Anthem
Charlie teams up with Rap Legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Darryl D.M.C McDaniels to create a music track for one of Charlie’s upcoming series. Follow them through the creative process as they build a theme song from the ground up and reminisce about a past fishing experience together.

Episode No. 139: Maine Kayak
Charlie hops in his trusty Tundra and heads up to Dixfield, Maine for a little lake fishing. But there’s no Aubuchon boat on this trip. Nope, Charlie’s going have to take on these bass from a dinky little kayak. Charlie also gets word of a local hair salon and decides to pop in for a cut n’ color.

Episode No. 138: Florida Gheenoe
Charlie heads down to sunny Florida to do some river bass fishing. Now you’ve seen the Mad Fisherman in his bass boats. You’ve seen him in a canoe. You’ve seen him fish from just about everything. But what about a Gheenoe? What’s a Gheenoe you ask? Well you’ll just have to tune in to find out! And you don’t want to miss the TV debut of Cooking With the Codfather! It’s another action-packed episode of Charlie Moore Outdoors only on NESN!

Episode No.137: Twisted Tea
What do you do for a promotional contest if you have a product called “Twisted Tea”? Well you go out and find the most twisted personality around and give away a trip with him! On this episode of CMO 2 lucky winners get to spend the day hanging out and fishing with Charlie. The weather is great but the fishing is tough — so you just know some strange things are going to happen. Don’t miss the fun, the excitement and, of course,  the Twisted Tea – on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 136: Tim Thomas 
Charlie heads to Vermont’s famed Lake Champlain to hook up with none other than former Boston Bruins Goaltender — and 2009 Vezina Trophy Winner — Tim Thomas. The boys are in search of the Champlain Triple Header — smallmouth, largemouth, and pike.

Episode No. 135: Maine Adventure
This week Mad Fish heads north — as far north as you can and still be in the United States — Fort Kent, Maine! Charlie is hooking up with old friend Maine Master Guide Dave Kelso for an incredible Maine Adventure. The boys head out into the wilderness of the Great North Woods to chase the rare Muskie, followed by some classic Brook Trout fishing, and finally they mount up and hit the trails for some wild ATV riding. Muskie, trout and ATVs? All in a days work for your Mad Fisherman. Only on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 134: Hunting with Ted Nugent
Charlie trades in his fishing rod for a rifle and travels to Ted Nugent’s famed Sunrize Ranch in Michigan in search of huge wild boar. It’s an incredible hunt that you have to see to believe. Tune in for the hunting, the music, and all the Mad Fisherman on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 133: Attitash Revisited
Charlie Moore has been on NESN since 1996. One of his favorite places back then was Lake Attitash in Amesbury. On this episode, Mad Fish heads back in time to see how the fish in Attitash are doing. It’s spring time and the fishing is tough, but you know Charlie will find a way to keep you smiling and put some big fish in the boat. Great memories and great spring bass fishing as only the Mad Fisherman can deliver.

Episode No. 132: San Diego
The Mad Fisherman has finally had enough of all the bad weather of New England so it’s off to the best weather any where — San Diego. Charlie and Angela explore San Diego, but before long, you just know Mad Fish is gonna wind up on the water. He grabs a kayak and heads out into the crystal clear waters of Mission Bay to see what he can catch.Great fishing, beautiful weather and all the incredible scenery of San Diego – plus a special look at The Mad Fish Blues Fest on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 131: Chuck Woolery 
Tune in to this episode of your favorite game show “Bass Connection” and see what happens when host Chuck Woolery and guest Charlie Moore hook up.  After a little fun on the “Bass Connection”  set, the boys hit Lake Winnie for some crazysmallmouth fishing.

Episode No. 130: Sasquatch 
Charlie and the crew start feeling like they’re being watched, start hearing strange noises following them on the shoreline. So what does Madfish do? Well, stops the boat and goes ashore to investigate. That’s when things get really weird. Fishing, fun and the previously undiscovered vicious primate called “Sasquatch” on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 129: Rico Petrocelli
Madfish is joined by Red Sox legend Rico Petrocelli for some world-class smallmouth bass fishing! Charlie and Rico re-live great Red Sox moments from 1967 and 1975, plus catch a ton of beautiful smallmouth bass.  Baseball and bassfishing with Rico Petrocelli, this week, only on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 128: Clint Howard
Long-time Hollywood actor Clint Howard has been a part of hits like “The Water Boy,”“Apollo 13″ and the “Austin Powers” movies, but now he faces his greatest acting role — fishing with Charlie Moore. Fishing, fun, whiffleball and Clint Howard on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 127: Larries and Sallies
It’s a beautiful Summer day but all is not well in Madfish World. First the producer is late and if that’s not bad enough Charlie can only seem to catch small fish. So to liven this show up, it’s time for some drastic measures: helium. If you think Charlie’s crazy at normal speed, wait til you see him on helium! There’s also on-the-water trivia, a referee and oh yes, a ton of beautiful New England smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Episode No. 126: Brian Daubach
Former Red Sox first baseman and original “Dirt Dog” Brian Daubach joins Mad Fish for some great New England bass fishing. Charlie and Brian are looking for some big fish, but will they deliver? Brian was known for his late inning clutch hits — so tune in and find out how they do in this game! Lots of fun, great baseball memories and big fish.

Episode No.125: Late Summer Larries/Nashua Pride
Summer is coming to an end and Mad Fish is looking for the Larries. The only problem is the weather! It’s cold, it’s windy, rainy and sunny! It’s New England weather at it’s craziest. But when Charlie gets frustrated, he’s off to pursue his other dream — becoming a pro baseball player! The minor league Nashua Pride give Charlie a shot to make the team and you won’t believe what happens!

Episode No. 124: Ray Allen
Charlie hooks up with former Boston Celtics Superstar and NBA champion Ray Allen. Fresh off the Celtics’ historic 2008 Championship, Ray and Charlie head to Connecticut for some largemouth bass fishing plus a little on-the-water basketball challenge. Spend the day with Ray and Charlie, find out the inside scoop on Ray’s incredible career, catch some larries and have a whole bunch of fun Mad Fish Style.

Episode No. 123: Fishing and Golf
What to do when the fish aren’t biting? Change baits? Change locations? Well, maybe if you were a normal person. But if you’re The Mad Fisherman, you grab your caddy, a nine iron and start practicing your golf game! Yes, it’s fishing and golf, two great sports that go great together. Charlie chases smallmouth and largemouth bass. Great New England bass fishing, terrible golfing and one golf-related injury — only on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 122: Chris Nilan
Chris “Knuckles” Nilan was one of the NHL’s most feared enforcers. Now he faces his toughest challenge yet — fishing with Charlie Moore! Mad Fish and Knuckles hit Lake Winnipesaukee for some awesome smallmouth bass fishing and a little fun. See some of Knuckles’ career highlights and also find out about his softer side. Great New England Bass fishing, hockey and fun Mad Fisherman-style.

Episode No. 121: Spring Guitar
Springtime in New England and the Mad Fisherman is back on the water. But where are the fish? And what to do until Charlie finds them? Well, the Madfish Crew finds some creative ways to fill the time, ending with Hunter Jim breaking out his guitar and trying for country music stardom.  Oh, and Charlie’s does find those bass. Fishing, fun and musical mayhem only on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 120: Tim Wakefield
Former Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield joins the Mad Fisherman in Florida for this one-hour special edition. Madfish and Wake find the only place in the US to catch barramundi fish and the competition is on. What show with Tim Wakefield would be complete without a little whiffleball.

Episode No. 119: Doug Flutie
A one-hour special edition of Charlie Moore Outdoors with football legend Doug Flutie! Doug and Charlie hook up in Florida for some air boat bass fishing in the swamps and marshes of the St. John’s River. After a day catching fish and re-visiting Doug’s incredible career, it’s on to the gridiron. Doug walks Madfish through his now-famous drop-kick and then it’s gametime: Team Madfish vs. Team Flutie!

Episode No. 118: Fall Winniepesaukee 
Well, it may have taken 118 episodes, but Charlie Moore Outdoors has finally done it! High Definition has arrived! The Mad Fisherman heads to his favorite lake in all of New England — New Hampshire’s famed Lake Winnipesaukee! It’s late fall and there isn’t another soul on the lake, and the crew isn’t happy. Enter staff psychiatrist Dr. Howard Fine for some much-needed group counseling.

Episode No. 117: Sports Guests Clip Show
Over the years Charlie Moore Outdoors has hosted an incredible range of New England athletes on the show. We look back at some of the legends who have come out, caught fish and had fun with the Mad Fisherman! Your favorite moments from your favorite Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics only on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 116: Winter Blues
It’s winter time in New England, and what’s a Mad Fisherman to do? After finding a few unusual activities around the house, spring finally arrives and Charlie, without a boat, hits the first body of water he comes to and starts catching fish.

Episode No. 115: Big Fish Clip Show
The Mad Fisherman looks back at some of the biggest fish he has caught over the years on Charlie Moore Outdoors! Huge largemouth, giant Smallies, massive stripers — they’re all here, plus lots mor.! Relive the biggest and the best fish from over a decade of madness on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 114: Kevin Chapman
On this episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors”, the Mad Fisherman hooks up with actor Kevin Chapman! You’ve seen him in “Mystic River” and Shwotime’s hit series “Brotherhood,” but now you’ll see how he “acts” when he’s catching fish with the Mad Man on the water. Great New Hampshire smallmouth action and an inside look at being a successful actor! Where else except Charlie Moore Outdoors?

Episode No. 113: The Powell Brothers
The Powell Brothers, Jeff & Steve, own a stone and gravel and construction business in Massachusetts. When Charlie asked for some construction work to break up his fishing routine, they were happy to oblige. What could go wrong? Well, while the lawsuits are being settled, Charlie agrees to take the guys fishing at New Hampshire’s beautiful Newfound Lake. Then it’s Game On! Don’t miss the gratuitous destruction or the great smallmouth bass fishing on Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 112: James Montgomery
We all know that sometimes when you go fishing, and the fish aren’t biting, that you get the blues. Well, on this episode, Charlie catches fish and gets the blues when he’s joined by Blues Legend, James Montgomery! The boys hit the water for some springtime bass fishing and blues music, followed by a cookout back at Charlie’s house. But then it’s time for our main attraction. Charlie gets up on stage with James.

Episode No. 111: The John Boat
So what do you do if you’re a fishing show host and your boat gets repo’d? Well if you’re the Mad Fisherman, you grab an old school two-man John Boat, go find a small pond and get out there! So that’s this week’s show — Charlie in a small John Boat trolling around a pond, catching tons of Larries and being funny.

Episode No. 110: Ray Bourque
Hockey Hall of Famer and Bruins legend Ray Bourque hits the water and the links with Charlie. At the beautiful Golf Club of New England, we find that Ray is good at golf and Charlie isn’t. After that has been established, Madfish busts out the fishing rods and it’s time to catch some bass. And after a “tough” day of golf and fishing. the guys head for the spa for some much needed pampering, and then finally have an incredible Italian dinner at Tresca in Boston’s famed North End. Golf, fishing, the spa and dinner in the North End with Ray Bourque? Only on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 109: Lake Winnipesaukee
The Mad Fisherman hits the world-famous Lake Winnipsaukee for some incredible summer bass fishing! Lots of great fishing action with both smallmouth and largemouth Bass — but you know the show is never just about the larries and sallies! Charlie takes a timeout to showcase Brigham’s brand new ice cream — Mad Fish Mud! Furious fishing action and delicious ice cream? Where can you get that but on “Charlie Moore Outdoors!”

Episode No. 108: DMC
Charlie is joined by rap and hip-hop legend Darryl McDaniels — better known as DMC — from the legendary Run DMC!  The boys start the day by riding their brand-new Harleys to New Hampshire’s Bow Lake for some smallmouth Bass fishing. After they’ve caught their share of sallies, it’s onto the stage, where DMC rips it up and shows just what made Run DMC so cool!

Episode No. 107: Joel St. Germain 
Charlie is joined by New England’s most successful pro bass fisherman, two-time Bass Master Classic veteran —  Joel St. Germain. Charlie and Joel head to a secret spot in southeastern Massachusetts for some Spring-time bass fishing, but first they have to hit the gym— Curves for Women — to get pumped up for the day.

Episode No. 106: Sib Hashian
In the 1970’s and early ‘80s, Sib Hashian was the drummer for one of classic rock’s biggest bands — Boston! He’s Charlie’s guest for bass fishing, softball and some on-board rock-n-roll drumming! Fishing, fun and classic rock-n-roll as only the Mad Fisherman can do it.

Episode No. 105: Curacao 
Charlie’s wife, Angela, has long been after Madfish to take her on a romantic vacation. This week Charlie finally does, taking her to the Caribbean paradise of Curaca. But of course, Charlie also brings the crew and has to get in some fishing. Angela gets over it quickly, and together they catch some incredible wahoo, swim with the dolphins and even try the flying trapeze.

Episode No. 104: Madfish Christmas Bloopers
It’s the annual Madfish Holiday Party! And what says Happy Holidays better than bloopers? You know Charlie and the gang always have fun, but there are also always plenty of hilarious bloopers along the way.

Episode No. 103: 3 Doors Down
The Mad Fisherman heads to Louisiana for some amazing Speckled Trout and Red Fishing. And as if that’s not enough, Charlie hooks up with the boys from 3 Doors Down! Incredible fishing, cool interviews and an acoustic set from 3 Doors Down. You won’t find this one anywhere else, but “Charlie Moore Outdoors!”

Episode No. 102: 2006 Matt Light Celebrity Shootout
The Mad Fisherman puts away his rod and breaks out the shotgun for the 2006 Matt Light Celebrity Shootout! Coming from Rhode Island’s beautiful Addieville East Farm Charlie, co-host Todd Rucci and Matt Light are joined by lots of former Patriots players including: Mike Vrabel, Ellis Hobbs, Pete Brock, Steve Nelson and many more. It’s a golf tournament-style skeet shooting event with lots of fun, interviews and surprises. Don’t miss all the action, only on “Charlie Moore Outdoors!”

Episode No. 101: Bobby Orr
The Mad Fisherman has landed New England’s all-time favorite sports hero —  Bobby Orr. Charlie and Orr hook up for some huge fall stripers off Martha’s Vineyard and relive some of Bobby’s greatest moments with the Bruins of the early 1970’s.

Episode No. 100: 100th Episode Special
Over 11 years in the making, Charlie Moore is proud to present the 100th episode of “Charlie Moore Outdoors.” Look back at some of the great guests, the incredible fish the hilarious skits, plus the unforgettable moments that helped change the face of outdoor television.

Episode No. 99: Ted Nugent Two
Charlie hooks up with the only person on the planet who just might be crazier than him— rock-n’-roll legend Ted Nugent! That’s right, Mad Fish and Uncle Ted are together again. This time they’re at Ted’s ranch in Crawford, Texas for an incredible outdoor adventure.

Episode No. 98: Jada
Charlie arrives at the lake for a day of taping, only to discover his fishing show rival “Saltwater” Sloan staking out the water for his show! Well, there’s only one way for two bitter TV host rivals to settle their differences— a dance off! Charlie hooks up with the girl group Jada and dances it off versus “Saltwater” Sloan and his crew. Oh yeah, then Charlie goes fishing and catches a bunch of largemouth bass!

Episode No. 97: The Calm Fisherman
Charlie hits Maine’s beautiful Lake Arrowhead for some classic Spring Bass action. But this time, Charlie is going to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the scenery.

Episode No. 96: Lenny Clarke
Legendary Boston Comedian and sitcom star, Lenny Clarke, hits the high seas with Mad Fish this week. It’s stripers and blues off Marrtha’s Vineyard with Lenny’s wife. And when Charlie finds the fishing too tough, he decides to give stand-up comedy a try in front of a packed comedy club.

Episode No. 95: Cam Neely
Bruins Legend Cam Neely joins the Mad Fisherman for a day of golf and fishing at the beautiful Ferncroft Country Club. Hey, Cam can’t fish and Charlie can’t golf, but it sure makes for some entertaining television. And those water hazards hold some huge bass! Don’t miss the fishing, the golf or the fun, only on “Charlie Moore Outdoors!”

Episode No. 94: Shawn Marzerka
It’s a beautiful New England day and Charlie’s good friend, New Hampshire guide Shawn Marzerka, has been bugging Charlie to go Salmon fishing. But there’s one problem: the smallies are biting and Mad Fish just has to go get them! Knowing that Shawn will be on the lake, Charlie goes “incognito” as only The Mad Fisherman can — by hitting the lake in full 1970’s garb!

Episode No. 93: Gabe Kapler 
Charlie hits the water with former Red Sox outfielder and World Series champion, Gabe Kapler! The weather is cold and wet, but there’s lots of great largemouth and smallmouth action. Plus, you’ll find out what it was really like to be a part of the 2004 Sox as they beat the Yankees and reversed that famous curse.

Episode No. 92: Jay Miller
The Mad Fisherman hits the high seas with former Boston Bruins tough guy Jay Miller! After Charlie runs into some problems at Jay’s Cape Cod Restaurant, they jump in the boat for some classic New England striper action.

Episode No. 91: Charlie’s Checklist
The Mad Fisherman is shocked to discover that after more than a decade on television, his crew thinks he has grown stale!  Now Charlie must hit the water and attempt to come up with all new material! Great New England early season largemouth bass fishing, but can The Mad Fisherman meet the challenge? Can he re-invent himself?

Episode No. 90: Charlie’s Spring Training
It’s spring in New England, and that means it’s time for Charlie to hit the water and catch some fish. Except that this year the Mad Fisherman has convinced himself he can make the Red Sox’ roster! Watch as Madfish gives it his all. Plus, Charlie hooks up with some of the Sox for a charity poker tournament, and a very special interview with one of Charlie’s idols — the late Curt Gowdy!

Episode No. 89: Matt Light Celebrity Shootout
It’s a one-hour special edition of CMO as Charlie and co-host Todd Rucci travel to Rhode Island’s Addieville East Farm for a day of skeet.

Episode No. 88: Behind the Scenes with Lynyrd Skynyrd
So what was it like to hang out backstage and go fishing with the guys from Lynyrd Skynyrd? Find out in this very special episode of Charlie Moore Outdoors! Filled with never before seen footage and bloopers, you will see just what it took to put together Charlie’s memorable show with Lynyrd Skynyrd!

Episode No. 87: Mitt Romney 
In this episode,  Governor Mitt Romney answers the Mad Fisherman’s call and hits the water to help out. After straightening out Charlie’s angling problems the Governor is interested in a little water skiing.

Episode No. 86: Vince Wilfork
The Mad Fisherman joins up with Patriots tackleVince Wilfork for some classic spring bass fishing in Rhode Island. Vince and Charlie track down some big and bad larries, but when Charlie’s high school quarterback stories get to be too much for Vince, it’s off to Gillette Stadium for a showdown.

Episode No. 85: Jim Calhoun
Charlie hooks up with former University of Connecticut head coach Jim Calhoun. Mad Fish and the coach head to Connecticut’s Tyler Lake for some largemouth bass fishing. As Coach fills Charlie in on  what it takes to be a national champion, they also catch a ton of fish!

Episode No. 84: Co-Host/Sokois Lake
After so many years on TV, is Charlie getting stale? Well, that’s what the crew thinks. To try and spice things up, the boys have set up auditions for a possible new co-host!  And you won’t believe what they come up with. Naturally, Charlie doesn’t want a co-host and heads to Maine’s beautiful Sokokis Lake to try and prove he can handle the show just fine by himself. But will catching a shoebox full of largemouth bass be enough to convince the crew?

Episode No. 83: Godsmack
Charlie is joined by bassist Robbie Merrill, and lead singer, Sully Erna, from Godsmack! Charlie and Robbie mount up for some motocross action on the track Robbie has built in his back yard! Sustaining only minor injuries, Charlie then locks and loads with Sully for some full auto action.

Episode No. 82: Lake Massabesic
Charlie heads out to New Hampshire’s hidden jewel, Lake Massabesic, for some classic summertime bass fishing! Fantastic smallmouth and largemouth action combined with an unexpected “wardrobe malfunction” lead to a  fun day out on the water!

Episode No. 81: Stripe Fishing with Patrice Bergeron 
Charlie is joined by Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron for some killer striper fishing on the Merrimack River. Patrice has never been fishing before, but what better way to learn than catching stripers with the Mad Fisherman! Patrice returns the favor by teaching Charlie how to say some phrases in his native French.

Episode No. 80: Spring Bass in Southern New Hampshire
When the weather heats up in the spring, you can’t keep the Mad Fisherman off the water. After a long winter, it’s great to get back out on the water, but unfortunately the fishing can also be tough!

Episode No. 79: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Charlie tries to sneak backstage and meet one of his favorite bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd, to see if they want to go fishing — and they do! Charlie heads to Florida’s famed Bienville Plantation with Gary Rossington — a Skynyrd founding member — and lead guitarist Rickey Medlocke!

Episode No. 78: Pete Brock 
Charlie is joined by former Patriot, Pete Brock, for some sport clay shooting and bird hunting at Rhode Island’s Addieville East Farm. It’s a beautiful New England Fall day as the boys showcase their skeet shooting skills then head out into the bush to try their hand on some world-class wing shooting!

Episode No. 77: The Codfather Trilogy
You’ve seen The Codfather I and II, now see  Codfather III and the entire trilogy. It’s all three Codfather episodes plus great outtakes. The Codfather rules fishing in New England, and now you can see what happens to those who dare cross him.

Episode No. 76: Madfish Family Christmas 
In this very special holiday edition of “Charlie Moore Outdoors,” it’s Christmas as only the Mad Fisherman can deliver! Charlie tries to decorate the house, shop with his family and get everything just right for the holidays. But naturally he winds up fishing with Santa, Rudolph and a disgruntled elf!

Episode No. 75: “Boston” Rob and Amber
You’ve seen them on “Survivor,” you’ve seen them on “The Amazing Race,” now see them like you never have before — as reality show legends “Boston” Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich hit the water with the Mad Fisherman! First, Rob and Charlie slam some summertime smallies, but you know it can’t end there. Rob and Amber think Charlie’s show is getting stale and the show ends with a “Fishing Council!” Someone is getting kicked off!

Episode No. 74: Ed Marinaro
Charlie hooks up with former NFL legend Ed Marinaro. It’s beautiful summertime smallmouth and largemouth bass action on New Hampshire’s famed Lake Winnipesaukee as Charlie and Ed get into some big fish!

Episode No. 73: Charlie’s Con
Watch Charlie con his crew into making a show on their day off.  What’s a burned out TV fishing host do when the stress and pressure get to be too much? Why go fishing of course!

Episode No. 72: Jim Kevlik
He’s called the Mad Fisherman, but Charlie Moore also loves to hunt. This week, Charlie is joined on the water by hunting expert Jim Kevlik as they go smallmouth hunting. Plenty of crashing smallies, plus Jim and Charlie’s unusual method of calling in turkeys and smallmouth bass backfires!

Episode No. 71: Lake Waukewan
Charlie heads to Meredith, New Hampshire’s Lake Waukewan for some classic New England smallmouth bass fishing! It’s cold and wet, but that won’t stop The Mad Fisherman from filling the boat with smallies!

Episode No. 70: Andy Brickley
It’s March in New England and it’s cold and miserable. What’s a fisherman to do? Well, if you’re Charlie Moore, you call up former Bruin, Andy Brickley, and head 18 miles out into the Atlantic for some wet and wild Codfishing!

Episode No. 69: The Search For a Three-Pounder
Charlie hits the lake looking for a “big” smallmouth bass. How big? He’s staying out on the lake until he catches a  three-pounder! And just to make sure there’s no cheating, he’s brought a scale. We all know Charlie will do anything to catch a fish, but can he catch a three-pounder when the pressure is really on?

Episode No. 68: Matt Light
Charlie hooks up with Matt Light and heads south to Florida’s legendary Bienville Plantation. Charlie and Matt hit the water in search of big largemouth bass and crappie, but as always there’s more than just fishing. After a day on the water, Charlie and Matt hit the gridiron for some touch football you won’t forget.

Episode No. 67: Paintball/Lake Champlain
It’s a two-part adventure on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.” First Charlie heads to Adventure Games Paintball Park for some fast-moving paintball action! Then it’s north to Vermont’s beautiful Lake Champlain for bass fishing, and, believe it or not, some old-fashioned Southern barbecue!

Episode No. 66: Kevin Millar
The Mad Fisherman heads south to Texas for some outdoor fun with former Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar! It’s an action-packed episode as Charlie and Kevin go goose/duck Hunting, play baseball, ride Kevin’s custom Harleys and try their hand at night skeet shooting.

Episode No. 65: The Halloween Show
The Mad Fisherman demonstrates his unique style of apple picking and trick-or-treating, than it’s off to Tyngsboro where he hooks into some huge fall largemouth. Plenty of fun and more than a few Madfish surprises on “Charlie Moore Outdoors!”

Episode No. 64: Charlie and Steve Ralston 
The Mad Fisherman in joined by former New England Revolution star and Major League Soccer All-Star Steve Ralston. Charlie and Steve hit the lake for some fall largemouth bass fishing. And when the fishing action slows, it’s off to the soccer field where Steve and some of his Revolution teammmates try and teach Charlie how to play goalie!

Episode No. 63: The Curse of the Bassbino
The Mad Fisherman’s out to reverse the Curse of the “Bassbino!” Years ago, Charlie did something foolish and ever since the “bassbino” has cursed him so he can’t catch fish as fall approaches. It’s a beautiful late summer day in central New Hampshire and the smallmouth bass look to be biting.

Episode No. 62: Bow Lake
It’s a beautiful late spring day on New Hampshire’s Bow Lake and the Mad Fisherman’s doing what he does best— catching smallmouth bass!

Episode No. 61: Coast Guard
It’s the Mad Fisherman as you’ve never seen him before — he joins the U.S. Coast Guard! That’s right, Charlie puts down the fishing rod and hooks up for some real USCG training: driving the 47 foot “rollover” rescue boat in Pt. Judith, R.I., learning USCG law enforcement techniques and finally hitting the water for an unbelievable helicopter rescue! This is one episode you won’t forget!

Episode No. 60: Heath Irwin and Drew Bledsoe
It’s a two-part Lake Winnipesaukee smallmouth adventure, as Charlie is joined first by former Patriot’s Offensive Lineman Heath Irwin and NFL All-Pro quarterback Drew Bledsoe for some great fishing action. Don’t miss Charlie’s secret technique for catching missed fish and what Drew really thinks of former head coach Bill Parcells!

Episode No. 59: Bluefishing with Barry Pederson
The Mad Fisherman hits the high seas this week with former Boston Bruin and NHL-star Barry Pederson. The action is fast and furious off Cape Cod as Barry and Charlie find themselves in the middle of a school of ravenous Blues.

Episode No. 58: Dr. Fine
A lot of people wonder if the Mad Fisherman is really mad. Well, this is the show that proves it! Charlie is in western Massachusetts for some summertime largemouth action, but he has a problem — actually he has a lot of problems. When he can’t get the big bass in the boat, Charlie calls on staff psychologist Dr. Howard Fine to help him out.

Episode No. 57: Flying/Tournament
The Mad Fisherman will do anything to catch fish and this show proves it. He heads up in a small plane with Stunt Pilot Mike Goulian to learn how to fly and scout out some good fishing territory! Then it’s a bass fishing tournament in Charlie Moore-style as he demonstrates how to catch fish under tournament conditions.

Episode No. 56: Penobscot Smallies/Codfather II
Charlie Moore heads north for some raging smallmouth bass action on Maine’s beautiful Penobscot River. But as always, there’s more than just fishing in store. This week everyone’s favorite fishing mob boss returns in “The Codfather II.”

Episode No. 55: Joe Thornton 
The Mad Fisherman is joined by former  Bruins captain and NHL All-Star Joe Thornton! First, Charlie and Joe head out for some fast and furious summertime New Hampshire smallmouth action. Then, after catching a shoebox full of bass, it’s off the water and onto the ice where the Mad Fisherman dons goalie gear and challenges Joe to beat him 1-on-1!

Episode No. 54: Spring Smallmouth and Largemouth
Charlie is joined by special guest “Rocky Balboa,” as he heads out to demonstrate the best way to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass in the spring. It’s a New England fishing adventure as only the Mad Fisherman can deliver: a beautiful lake, fantastic bass action and “Rocky Balboa.”

Episode No. 53: Bill Lee
Charlie travels to Seymour Lake in Vermont for a day of smallmouth bass fishing and baseball with famed Red Sox veteran, Bill “Spaceman”Lee. Listen to Bill reminisce with Charlie about the 1975 World Series, the 1977 Sox-Yankees Brawl and all things baseball. Then they hit the ball field to see if Charlie can handle the famous Bill Lee curveball. All that and trophy smallmouth, only on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.”

Episode No. 52: Connecticut River 
Charlie travels to the beautiful Connecticut River in Gil for some great springtime New England fishing. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and some big Northern Pike show up for a fantastic day of fishing as only the Mad Fisherman can deliver. Don’t miss it!

Episode No. 51: Charlie and Real Andrews
Charlie is joined by long-time soap opera star Real Andrews for some truly spectacular largemouth bass fishing at Alabama’s P-Arrow Plantation! When’s the last time you saw someone catch a 10-pound largemouth? Well, on this program, there are two!

Episode No. 50: Charlie and Adam West
The Mad Fisherman hits the water with the classic Batman Adam West! Charlie shows Adam how to catch cold weather smallmouth and in turn, Adam let’s us all in on what it was like to be Batman!

Episode No. 49: Charlie and Joe Bessey
This week Charlie is joined by NASCAR owner and driver Joe Bessey for some fall fishing. There’s lots of smallmouth and largemouth action, but things really heat up when Charlie gets his chance to drive Joe’s Aubuchon race car!

Episode No. 48: Charlie and Steve Lucarelli
Charlie Hooks up with New Hampshirer guide Steve Lucarelli for some late fall smallmouth bass fishing. So what if it’s November? Don’t put that boat away, bundle up and get out there as Charlie and Steve show you just how fun it can be to head out and nail smallies in the cold weather!

Episode No. 47: Charlie and Tim Wakefield
The Mad Fisherman heads south to Florida’s Space Coast and hooks up with former Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield! First, it’s flats fishing for monster Redfish, then Charlie and Tim try their hand at shooting sporting clays at a state of the art range. Finally, Tim shows Charlie how to throw and catch that mysterious knuckleball!

Episode No. 46: Mike Rodevitz/Bill Allen
It’s a two-part fishing adventure on this episode. First, Charlie is joined by Rhode Island Bass Pro, Mike Rodevitz for some largemouth action in The Ocean State! Then it’s more great New England bass fishing with Massachusetts pro Bill Allen!

Episode No. 45: Lillegard/Lake Arrowhead
It’s a two-part fishing adventure. First, Charlie is joined by BASS Pro Rick Lillegard for some New Hampshire bass fishing. Learn from the pros and have some fun while you’re doing it! Then Charlie’s off to Maine’s scenic Lake Arrowhead for some summertime bassin’ Plus, Charlie reveals his “bass dictionary.”

Episode No. 44: Johhny Bucyk and Harry Sinden
Charlie heads out with Bruins legend 9 Johnny Bucyk for some spring bass action in Maine, then it’s onto New Hampshire’s beautiful lake Winnepausakee with Bruins President Harry Sinden for some fast and furious smallmouth action!

Episode No. 43: Bluefishing/Salmon Fishing 
It’s a two-part new England fishing adventure as Charlie heads out of historic Gloucester harbor in search of big bluefish. After some hot and heavy action with the blues, it’s onto Maine’s beautiful Sebago Lake for Lake Trout and land-locked Salmon.

Episode No. 42: Dan Ross and Dale Arnold
Charlie has a two-part largemouth bass fishing adventure this week as he’s joined by two special guests. First, it’s former NFL All-Pro tight end and Massachusetts native Dan Ross for some spring bass action. Then, it’s Bruins play-by-play announcer and WEEI radio host Dale Arnold.

Episode No. 41: Early AM/Late PM Bassin’ 
Charlie’s up early and out late. It’s tips and tactics on how best to get the big ones early in the morning on Lake Attitash in Amesbury and late in the afternoon on Shirley Reservoir in Shirley. Plus, check out Charlie’s secret for a good night’s sleep.

Episode No. 40: Lake Winnisquam
Charlie’s hitting the water in search of monster smallmouth Bass. First, it’s Charlie on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnisquam where the Mad Fisherman has developed a special method of attracting smallies. Then, it’s off to Maine’s Lake Megunticook where Maine registered guide Doug Teel joins Charlie in search of late spring smallmouth.

Episode No. 39: Striper Fishing with Jim Craig
1980 Olympic hero Jim Craig joins Charlie for Striper fishing on Boston’s North Shore. Non-stop action, big stripers and Jim’s memories about those glorious days in Lake Placid. And after fishing, it’s time to put Jim back between the pipes for some old-fashioned street hockey!

Episode No. 38: Summer to Fall Largemouth 
Charlie’s flying solo and showing you the best way to catch largemouth bass in the difficult summer-to-fall season transition. Big larrys, plus don’t miss Charlie’s secret pre-fishing ritual!

Episode No. 37: Celebrity Lookalikes and Lake Memphramagog
What do Elvis, Austin Powers, Senator Ted Kennedy and Vermont’s Lake Memphramagog all have in common? They’re all on this unforgettable episode of Charlie Moore Outdoors!

Episode No. 36: Robbie Ftorek
New England native, NHL veteran and former head coach of the Boston Bruins, Robbie Ftorek joins Charlie for a beautiful day of smallmouth bass fishing on New Hampshire’s famed Lake Winnipesaukee.

Episode No. 35: Newfound Lake
The Mad Fisherman’s flying solo on beautiful Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. If you like big smallmouth bass, then this is the show for you as Charlie puts some huge smallies in the boat.

Episode No. 34: John Havlicek
Basketball Hall of Famer and Celtics legend John Havlicek hooks up with the Mad Fisherman for some New Hampshire smallmouth bass action. Find out what it was like to play for the Celti cs, win nine championships, plus what really happened after “Havlicek stole the ball!”

Episode No. 33: Maine Smallies and Ted Ancher
The author of the “Bass Bets” book series, Ted Ancher joins Charlie for some fast and furious smallmouth bass fishing in beautiful western Maine.

Episode No. 32: Adam Vinatieri
Charlie is joined by the former Patriots Super Bowl hero Adam Vinatieri for some spring largemouth fishing in southern New Hampshire.

Episode No. 31: Wyman Lake and the Codfather
Charlie hits Westminster’s Wyman Lake for springtime largemouth bass. Find out the tips and techniques you’ll need to put fish in the boat at this tricky time of year. And learn the secrets of “The Codfather,” New England fishing’s answer to The Godfather.

Episode No. 30: Bahamas Bonefishing with Harry Sinden
Charlie and former Boston Bruins president Harry Sinden head south to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas for some world class bonefishing. You can take Charlie out of New England, but you can’t take the fun out of Charlie Moore Outdoors. It’s big bonefish in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Episode No. 29: Small Pond Canoe Fishing
Charlie gives his Stratos Bass Boat a rest and pulls out the canoe for some New England small pond fishing. Often overlooked due to their small size and lack of accessibility, these bodies of water hold some of the Northeast’s biggest fish.

Episode No. 28: Maine Bird Hunting 
Charlie heads to scenic southwestern Maine for a triple header of outdoor fun. First up, it’s skeet shooting. Watch as the Mad Fisherman shows he’s as good with a gun as he is with a rod. Then, it’s off to meet wildlife artist and taxidermist Gene Bahr and get a look at some of his incredible creations. And finally, it’s time for some bird hunting as Charlie and his friends from the Pleasant Mt. Guide Service get out the dogs and go wing shooting for Quail.

Episode No. 27: Charlie and the Chief in British Columbia 
Charlie is joined by NHL Hall-of-Famer and Boston Bruins legend, Johnny Bucyk at the Chief’s summer home in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Charlie and the Chief hit spectacular Kootenay Lake for big Dolly Varden and rainbow trout, plus a look at the incredible Kookanee Glacier.

Episode No. 26: Lake Umbagog
Charlie heads to the wilds of northern New Hampshire for incredible smallmouth bass action on Lake Umbagog. Enjoy the pristine wilderness, beautiful scenery, great fishing and Charlie’s usual offbeat sense of humor in this episode.

Episode No. 25: Charlie’s Big Adventure
Charlie proves once and for all that he really is the Mad Fisherman when he travels to Jumptown for a skydiving adventure. See Charlie trade his fishing rods in for a parachute as he jumps out of a perfectly good airplane! Then it’s off to Maine’s Hancock Lake for some huge largemouth bass with Maine Guide Carl Bois. And as if that wasn’t enough, we dig into our archives to bring a whole bunch of rare and never before seen bloopers and outtakes.

Episode No. 24: Charlie and Lee Bailey, Jr. 
Charlie hooks up with Bassmaster champion and Foxwoods Bass Tour Director Lee Bailey at an undisclosed location in Connecticut. Find out how you can break down a lake you’ve never fished before with two of New England’s top bass fishing pros then watch as they rip it up with tons of largemouth Bass action and even some smallmouth.

Episode No. 23: Charlie in Princetown, Maine
Charlie is joined by Maine Guide and B.A.S.S. pro Dave Kelso in far downeast Maine for some exciting smallmouth Bass angling. The lakes and ponds around Princeton offer pristine waters and unpressured fishing making for some serious smallie action.

Episode No. 22: Charlie and Don Orsillo
Charlie is joined by NESN Red Sox play-by-play man and New Hampshire native, Don Orsillo,  for some Lake Winnipesaukee Smallmouth fishing.

Episode No. 21: North Shore Stripers
Charlie heads out of Beverly looking for big stripers with the Capt. Mark Kooskalis of North Shore Charters. Beautiful weather, calm seas and big striped bass make for a memorable day on the water.

Episode No. 20: Wrestling/Billington Sea
You’ve seen him box with heavyweight champ John Ruiz, try out for the AHL’s Portland Pirates, even jump out of an airplane —and this week Charlie keeps his long tradition of insanity alive by climbing into the squared circle to face off with the pro wrestlers of Chaotic Wrestling! As if that wasn’t enough, Charlie then drags his battered body onto Plymouth’s Billington Sea and shows you how to develop a successful bass fishing pattern on a new body of water.

Episode No. 19: Charlie’s Turkey Hunt with Tim Lajoie 
Charlie goes on a “turkey” bow hunt with Camo Kidz director Tim Lajoie. It’s hunting as only the Mad Fisherman can do it! Then, Charlie and Tim hit the water for some huge smallmouth on New Hampshire’s Lake Wentworth.

Episode No. 18: Charlie and Ted Nugent 
The Mad Fisherman and the Motor City Madman hook up for an unforgettable half-hour of outdoor entertainment. Charlie travels to Ted’s Michigan ranch for bass fishing, archery, handgun target shooting and some of Terrible Ted’s signature rock-n-roll!

Episode No. 17: Charlie and Pat Burns
Charlie is joined by former three-time NHL coach of the year,(and former Bruins head coach, Pat Burns. The Mad Fisherman and Pat head out on New Hampshire’s lake Winnepesaukee for some late summer smallmouth and largemouth bass. Plus, Pat and Charlie share their love of motorcycles as Pat shows off his custom-made Harley Davidson.

Episode No. 16: Charlie and Steve Leach
Charlie hooks up with former Boston Bruin, 15-year NHL veteran and New England native Steve Leach for some early spring largemouth action down on Cape Cod.

Episode No. 15: Charlie and Steve King
Steve King played nine seasons with the New England Patriots. Now, he faces his greatest challenge — fishing with Charlie Moore!

Episode No. 14: Winter Show 
Winter may not be here just yet in New England, but it’s arrived on “Charlie Moore Outdoors.” The Mad Fisherman heads to beautiful southwestern Maine for snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing courtesy of the Pleasant Mt. Guide Service.

Episode No. 13: Lake Champlain 
Charlie and Massachusetts Bass pro John Sloan head to Vermont’s Lake Champlain in search of a freshwater tripleheader: smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and northern pike.

Episode No. 12: Ted Ancher
The author of the New England bass fisherman’s bible “Bass Bets” joins the Mad Fisherman for some lunker bass fishing across the region.

Episode No. 11: Big Lake, Maine 
Join Charlie and B.A.S.S. pro Dave  at the Long lake camps in Downeast Maine for some of the best smallmouth fishing you’ve ever seen!

Episode No. 10: Sharks 
Think Charlie’s got a big mouth? Wait until you see some of the fish you’ll meet in this episode. Charlie chases blue sharks in the Gulf of Maine with Captain Dave Pecci, then moves to the waters off Scituate with the blue shark world record holder Captain Steve James. Finally, he’s off to the seas south of Martha’s Vineyard with shark researcher Dr. Greg Skomal for some “hands on” research you won’t forget!

Episode No. 9: Johnny Bucyk
The No. 9 hangs from the TD Garden rafters in honor of Boston Bruins legend Johnny Bucyk. He’s Charlie’s guest as they chase lunker smallmouth bass on legendary Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

Episode No. 8: 2000 Tournament of Champions 
The biggest and best one-day bass tournament in New England. Tune in and see who will take home the first place prize of $10,000 cash! The biggest names in New England bass fishing go head to head for the cash and the bragging rights.

Episode No. 7: Stripers
Charlie hits the Connecticut River for some surprising striper action with Al Gagliaducci, Jr., then Charlie joins Capt. Jon Perrette and former NFL offensive lineman Todd Rucci for striper action in Boston Harbor.

Episode No. 6: Charlie Moore Comedy
One of the Mad Fisherman’s hallmarks is that unique brand of “showmanship” that sets him apart from other TV fisherman. Tune in and see what happens when Charlie gets arrested, when he tries to find a second career —  pro hockey. Plus, lots of hilarious outtakes and bloopers.

Episode No. 5: Best of Charlie Moore
Highlights from Charlie’s first four years on NESN. See the biggest and best fish from both salt and fresh water, Charlie’s favorite trip, plus a surprise ending that you just have to see.

Episode No. 4: Carl Everett/Glen Hanlon 
Charlie hits the water with former Red Sox centerfielder Carl Everett. Charlie and Carl pull up both smallmouth and largemouth bass, including a lunker largemouth for Carl. Lots of great fishing tactics, plus gets Carl’s perspective on the game. Charlie is also joined by long-time NHL goaltender Glenn Hanlon.

Episode No. 3: Carl Bois — Trout/Smallies 
Charlie joins Maine registered guide Carl Bois for a two-part Maine angling adventure. First, there’s monster smallmouth bass followed by some classic Maine lake trout fishing in Sebago Lake.

Episode No. 2: Stripers 2
Charlie heads out for monster striped bass in some of New England’s best spots. Sight casting on the flats of Chatham, trolling off Pt. Judith, Rhode Island and drifting chunks in Boston Harbor– the Mad Fisherman finds lunkers across New England in this episode.

Episode No. 1: Drew Bledsoe/Eric Bjornson 
Charlie is joined by former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe for smallmouth bass fishing on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee. Find out about some of Drew’s favorite football memories plus get the scoop on his foundation’s “Parenting with Dignity” program. Charlie is also joined by former former tight end Eric Bjornson for more smallie action on Lake Winnie.