Clayton Kershaw Drills Jimmy Kimmel In The Face With A Baseball (Video)


It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jimmy Kimmel had Clayton Kershaw on the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night and invited the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher to try to knock an apple off his head with a baseball.

If Kimmel could pick anyone for this task, it’s Kershaw, who has walked only 15 batters and hit just one in over 112 innings pitched this season while pretty much mowing down everyone else.

Hitting an apple from over 10 feet away with a baseball that’s roughly the same size is harder than it looks, however, and the TV host found that out the hard way.

Technically Kershaw didn’t even accomplish the feat, as he was only able to knock the apple off by drilling Kimmel in the forehead (as Kimmel points out in the video, those aren’t real baseballs, but still).

Clayton Kershaw

If arguably the best pitcher in Major League Baseball can’t pull this off, we don’t know who can.

Luckily for Kershaw, the major league strike zone is bigger than an apple, so he can happily return to dominating his competition while Kimmel grabs a few ice packs.

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