MODELLAn unidentified Cleveland Browns fan urinated on the grave of former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell earlier in June and thought it would be a good idea to post a video of it on YouTube.

Now, he’s paying for his actions.

Maryland officials say they want to press charges against the man for disorderly conduct in a cemetery. He could face up to two years in jail and a $500 fine.

“Bringing charges against this individual should act as a deterrent to others and assure the rest of us that no matter who you are, indecencies will not be committed against your final resting place,” Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger said in a written statement.

Modell, who died in 2012, moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996, drawing the ire of Browns fans. This fan, even with the Browns back in Cleveland, apparently hasn’t gotten over it.