David Ortiz Anticipates Walk Before Fourth Pitch Is Even Thrown (Video)


When you know, you know, and on Tuesday night against the Chicago Cubs, David Ortiz knew he was going to be walked before it even happened.

With the score tied 1-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning, Big Papi strolled to the plate with a man on and two outs. In the tight situation, Cubs pitcher Neil Ramirez went the unintentional-intentional walk route and opted to pitch around the slugger.

After three consecutive pitches well off the plate, Ortiz had seen enough from Ramirez — or perhaps he can see into the future. Whatever the explanation may be, Ortiz left the batter box and began walking to first base before the ball even left Ramirez’s hand.

Does Ortiz know the strike zone or does he know the strike zone?

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