LeSean McCoy

The first major scuffle of NFL training camps finally came Sunday afternoon, when Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and linebacker Trent Cole had to be separated following a fight that had both players on the ground at the NovaCare Complex.

McCoy was turning the corner on one of his routes when Cole gave him “a little extra push,” according to NJ.com.

“The whole camp so far, he has been touching me a little too much,” McCoy said. “I had to let him know it’s okay if you can’t cover me.”

McCoy later joked that the scuffle was just “two friends going at it,” downplaying what people might have seen of the fight.

“We were just playing with each other,” said Cole, who didn’t want to talk about it. “That’s all.”

McCoy said after practice that he and Cole would work things out.

“It’s one thing when you don’t know a guy, when you are fighting for a job,” McCoy said. “In this case, that isn’t the reality. Me and Trent will be playing together this year, making plays.”

“We’ll go in this locker room and talk it out, joke it out,” McCoy added.

Photo via Twitter/@OPSN_NFL