Graphic Designer Makes NFL-NBA Logo Mashups, And They’re Great (Photos)

by NESN Staff

July 8, 2014

Are you a fan of your favorite NFL team’s logo? Do you like the logo of that city’s NBA team, as well? If so, today is your lucky day.

Over at, graphic designer Brandon Hubschman took on the ambitious project of taking the logos of all 32 NFL teams and combining them with the logos of their NBA counterparts. For example, here’s a “mashup” of the New England Patriots’ and Boston Celtics’ logos:


This unique new logo might be appealing to Boston sports fans, but many of Hubschman’s other designs are even cooler. A few of our favorites are below, although all 32 logos are definitely worth checking out.

Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat:


New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets:


Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks:


Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers:


San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Clippers:


As a bonus, here’s Kobe Bryant wearing a pirate’s eye patch in this rather interesting Oakland Raiders-Los Angeles Lakers mashup:


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